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uplandhawaii 10-26-2011 04:15 AM

Aloha new YJ owner
Aloha! My name's Stafford, I'm from Hawaii. I just picked up a 1993 YJ 4.0l auto, been dying to get my hands on one of these for a long time!

I'm a long time jeeper but usually I ride in an XJ or ZJ. I actually sold my 1998 5.9 Limited ZJ to buy my first YJ.:thumb: I'm on the Big Island of Hawaii and I mostly use my jeeps for access to hunting or fishing areas although I do wheel it on the rocks every now and then!
Hope to make some new friends and learn a lot of stuff on WF!

Here's a couple of my old rides, 95 XJ and 94 ZJ 4.5" lift and locked on a fishing trip.

And here's my first XJ wheeling!

jeepsr4grls 10-26-2011 04:17 AM

Welcome :wavey:

uplandhawaii 10-26-2011 04:53 AM


Barrie 10-26-2011 05:37 AM


RatherBNarizona 10-26-2011 11:33 AM

Welcome aboard!

SullyRock71 10-26-2011 12:03 PM

Aloha and welcome to the WF Stafford! :wavey:

uplandhawaii 10-26-2011 01:29 PM

Thanks guy, I'm learning new stuff abouyt my YJ already!:punk:

Beechnut 10-26-2011 02:59 PM

Welcome to WF!

InvertChaos 10-26-2011 03:53 PM

Welcome to the site! :wavey:

JDsDream 10-26-2011 05:29 PM

Nice playground!

Welcome to the Forum

blkrubi88 10-27-2011 03:40 AM


Ageless Stranger 10-27-2011 05:52 AM

Welcome to WF. :wavey:

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