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FFPM_PBO 10-28-2011 11:54 AM

01 TJ Punch list
I had an 07 Wrangler X and found it to be weak. Countless problems. So i searched all over and found an older gentlemen with an 01 Sport that he didnt want anymore. 125000 miles and he let it go for 3000. I could not pass this up. The flip side is that she has been neglected. Heres a quick list of things i noticed so far.

-leaking front and rear diff. (I noticed this on a TON 2000-2005 wranglers so is this typical)
-leaking oil possibly from either around engine or oil filter and oil plug underneath
-hard starts that sometimes take 10 seconds to turn. after starting she runs like a champ
-minor knock in engine not real loud
-little rust here and there on underside . I bought it in Pittsburgh drove it to GA this week.

My question is mostly how hard is this stuff to fix and what needs attention the most. I check fluid levels best i can. I feel like i got a good deal but I know there is work ahead of me.

Thanks for all your input

SinfulDragon 10-28-2011 12:41 PM

the i6 knocks. generally lifters or piston slap, just move on.
Diffs, no better time to change the fluid, crack off the cover, drain, install RTV or gasket, fill er up.
Oil.. well, step one will be to find the leak. degrease the motor and keep an eye on it to see where its coming from and report back.
Hard start, well its been neglected so, plugs, a new coil if needed, change the air filter, make sure the gas is good.
Rust, well.... no time like the present time for a good undercoating.

Wyominer 10-28-2011 05:44 PM

First, Welcome to the forum!

Agree with Sinful on all. If the hard start continues after changing plugs cap and rotor (can't remember if 01 has coil rail or not), the fuel drain back valve may be bad. If so, turn the ingnition on, buckle-up, adjust seats, mirror, etc then hit the starter. It may just need to get fuel back to the engine. Good luck!

FFPM_PBO 10-29-2011 11:02 AM

day 2
The good news is that it made the drive from PIT to ATL no problems. I replaced a radiator overflow hose where it was leaking, gave it new spark plugs, new starter, de greased the engine, new air filter, and have run premium through it for about three fill ups.

It still starts kinda slow. It also flashes check gauges for about 1 second and it seems the oil pressure is slow to build. (That or the gauge is slow to respond.) So im still clueless here.

As far as the engine knock i hear ya loud and clear. It happens.

It seems the diff leak is coming from where the drive shaft goes into the transfer case. Ill check the levels and get back to ya on a few other things.

IM just worried about the hard starts with the cold weather coming around the corner. Thanks guys

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