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manissen10 10-29-2011 02:36 PM

Help me out
I just purchased a 2010 Jeep wrangler unlimited sport, and I want to add bigger wheels to it. Was thinking around the 33" size. To do this, would I have to lift the jeep and if so how much so that I would not get any rubbing from the wheels. Also, I saw "spacer kits" on a website thatll give 2" lifts for like $250.. are these reliable? At the moment, I'm not offroading and not planning on it for a while, just trying to give the jeep a more rugged look for the moment. Thanks

crikeyjeepturtles 10-29-2011 11:07 PM

you want 33in tires not wheels right? On a jk you can put 33s on easily without a lift. Their stock suspension is a bit taller than the tj models. I've seen dealerships stuff 35s on the jk rubi's with no lift.

As for the spacer lift, I can say I've been riding mine for 6 months and had no issues.

Once you start hittin the trails youll want bigger and better everything. If you want some lift I'd say go with a 1in body lift. They go for $100ish. Most people put these on and never take them off.

From my experience of Jeepin (1 year), you should save up for what you want so you dont buy something small and be satisfied for a month and then want something bigger.

Have fun in your new jeep. And dont forget to wave!

manissen10 10-30-2011 04:47 PM

Yea I meant tires lol my bad. Thanks for the advice tho

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