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Irongrave 10-29-2011 08:00 PM

KM2s and Rockers snow review
Not really apples to apples but a few have asked how KM2s are in the snow.

Well as many know the north east just got hammered with a crap ton of the frozen white stuff, and its the wet heavy kind.

My Ram is running 285 70 17 KM2s. I dropped the PSI from 35 to 20 and went out in the snow a little this evening. The grip very very well cleaned out and didnt let the snow build and pack in the treads. I was not wishing they havd more sipes in them for more grip the truck just dug threw the snow with out any issues.

now the YJ is rolling on some wide 33 13.5 pitbull rockers and like any good jeep owner I decided to go play in the snow a little. the tires were at my wheeling PSI of 9. no issues what so ever in the snow they just cleaned out like it was mud. took quite a bit of effort to get them to spin in 4lo. Even drove around in 2wd a little with a welded rear and the jeep never feel like it was at a loss for traction.

Both tires worked very well at moderate speeds under 30 The reviews againts the KM2s in the snow I'm not sure what they are based on but my old nitto terra graplers packed very quickly in this kind of snow and loss traction despite having a lot more tread groves and sipes

just my worthless .02

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