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Cv2065 10-29-2011 10:42 PM

315/70-17 Gear Question
I'm in the market to replace my stock 255/70/18 tires with Duratracs. I'm going to go ahead and buy new wheels as well (XD Spy) as I'm not too keen on the spacer deal long term. I'm also throwing around the idea of going to 17" wheels while I'm at it.

So my question is in regard to two different tires, the Duratrac 315/65-17 and the 275/70-18. Will the 315/70-17 be a major strain on my 3.73 gear set to the point where its very noticeable for a daily driver? According to the size calculator, the 315/70-17 is closer to a 34" wheel than 35. So wasn't sure how it would perform. Wheeling is confined to weekend trips to the beach and the occasional off road excursion but nothing crazy, at least for now.

If it is, then I'd just stay with the 275/70-18's, and keep the 18" wheel set. There is only a $50 difference between the two when factoring both wheels and tires.

As a side note, I'm going to be adding a heavier front bumper in the future, so my 2.5 RK lift may suffer .75" droop, and wanted to factor that into the decision as well, as I don't want to install coil spacers on top of the lift.


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