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Kohrs93 10-31-2011 06:27 PM

Check list for power steering conversion.
I posted a thread a while back about doing a power steering conversion on my 92 wrangler. I just got everything today and plan on tackling the project on wednesday when I have a day on. Just want to make sure I have all the parts I need and won't run into any surprises while doing it.

Here's what I have:

Return line
Pressure line
A couple metal lines
And the resevoir (Do I need a bracket for mounting this? Or should there already be a place to mount it?)

I was also told that I would need the bracket, but I noticed that my car already has the power steering pulley (Makes me kinda wonder if it had power steering at one point and was removed...) so I didn't order any kind of bracket. Is this something that I actually will need and is available through a parts store?

Also I want to make sure I have the steps right (pretty simple but want to make sure):

Remove pitman arm bolt and pitman arm from old gearbox
Remove steering knuckle
Remove bolts holding old gearbox on
Bolt on new gearbox
Reattach steering knuckle and pitman arm
Mount pump/resevoir
Attatch lines
Fill resevoir and bleed system

Is there anything I'm missing?

Any special tools? What about getting the pulley onto the pump?

Thanks guys

91jeep91 01-17-2012 06:20 PM

Hey, where did you get your reservoir from? And what are the extra "metal lines" for?

pushstart 01-17-2012 08:37 PM

The pitman arm is different for power steering and the brackets that hold the power steering pump are quite involved and not easily fabed. You might want to get them from a junkyard. Why are you pulling the steering knuckle?

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