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patrat81 11-04-2011 02:19 PM

Clink noise driving me crazy!!! -- SOLVED
After replacing all steering components and tires because of a wobble at 55-65 mph I thought all was great. My rig rides so much smoother and quieter. However, I could now hear rattles and noises I couldn't before. I pretty much tracked down most and silenced them; except that when I hit any bump in the road I would get a loud clink coming from the driver's rear. I laid under my jeep grabbing everything I could and shook each part, but nothing clanked. After about a week I have found the problem. It was the rear seat front hold down pin. Apparently, my '98 TJ had plastic bushings to prevent this. Where mine went? I'm sure they had turned to dust and flew out while cruising with the top down. Easy fix though. I found some wire grommets I had laying around the garage and all is quiet again. I just can't wait for the next rattle that will annoy me. :banghead:

IslandTJ 11-04-2011 02:40 PM

Rattles and related noises, are part of the Jeep's intricate characteristics...:dance:

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