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FreddieToes 11-05-2011 03:56 PM

'07 Unlimited X- Destroyed oil pump?
Have an '07 Unlimited X manual, just shy of 67,000 miles and the oil pump exploded into a ton of pieces. Turned it on one morning and the oil light was on with a funny noise. Turned it off, changed the oil, turn it back on and noise was even worse.

Tow took it to the shop where they said the oil pump basically exploded. To my understanding, for this to happen with so few miles is unheard of and now I am out a car for a few days and $2,000 in the hole. Any one else had this problem? Any one know why? Worked fine and drove great prior to, no noise, no oil light, nothing. Just turned it on one morning and it happened, didn't drive it while light was on or noise was there.

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