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MouthfulOfGrass 10-05-2007 10:41 AM

Offroad Expo, Pomona Ca.
I got a call from a buddy yesterday to remind me. He invited me to hang out with his Bronco club buddies (I don't have a Bronco).

Who all is going tomorrow (Saturday) ?

Send me a pm, maybe we can meet up at some time/place. :cool:

Or at least nod & wave.......;)

MouthfulOfGrass 10-05-2007 10:49 AM

emills 10-05-2007 11:35 AM

Chuck (RedRubiTJ) and I will be there tomorrow. I will PM you my cell number in case you want to meet up to say hi.


MouthfulOfGrass 10-08-2007 03:55 PM

While the SoCal crew was 'wheelin' up in Big Bear, I took the kids to the expo. Was a really big show, seems like all the suppliers were there along with the manufacturers. Lots of booths, used up all the buildings & the infield of the race track. The kids even enjoyed themselves, grabbing up all the stickers & posters that they could carry (until I was carrying it all later). Seems Baja style off-roading is what is most popular right now (desert & sand, long travel - go fast stuff).
Met up with Eric & Chuck to say hi & complain about not being invited on Tiny's private Big Bear club ride............
My only complaints about the show: Seems like they would've set up ticket sales (entrance) to accept credit cards (not that big a deal, I just didn't have much cash).
And the UROCK races.........I'm not sure about 'em. Maybe because it's only the 2nd race of the year in this new racing class/league. They're going to have to work the bugs out. Not a bad idea that the driver has to shift 2wd - 4wd - locker on - off. But the size of the track ?? And they had us seated on bleachers where neither bleacher had a view of the whole track and we sat in the sun looking across the field at empty, unused grandstands (in the shade). Someone either dropped the ball there, or budget was REALLY tight and they weren't willing to pay for grandstand clean-up & ushers. There was no bleacher seat where one could see the starting line or the first hill ascent.
All in all, the kids had fun, and so did I.

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