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acopsy88 10-06-2007 02:28 AM

Check engine light tranny clutch
OK heres the scoop a few weeks back my jeep wouldnt go in to gear and would have problems. The dealer said 900 dollars to replace the clutch.(yeah right). Well i figured i could do it with the help of a couple buddies. Yeah we get it all installed new clutch no problems. I go take it for a spind works great. Then i take it out after work and head home pick my buddy up. WE take it for a test run i kind of get on it hit 2200 rpms in 3rd and it jerked it was in gear felt like if some one makes a crappy shift. I say ok keep goin it does it again. in third and fourth about 5 miles later. I go home and start the trek over again same route etc.. This time it doesnt do it and my check engine light comes on.. my gues is maybe a switch came undone.... I wouldnt think it was the transmission. check engine is usally electrical.. im going to run it by auto zone tomorow and see what they say... any ideas. thanks adam

Odhinn 10-06-2007 09:37 AM

Check all the connectors and wires in the area of the transmission/driveline. Without the code it is hard to say.

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