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Jeremiah856 11-08-2011 04:51 PM

Hard door/ windshield spacing?
My hard doors leave a two inch gap at the top between my windshield bracket and the hard door. Is this normal? Maybe my weather striping is just dried out really bad? I doubt it would cause that much of a gap tho.. Any help would be appreciated.

yj93ben 11-08-2011 05:08 PM

you have a 89 YJ? Are the doors the original ones? You say the gap is at the top front corner of the door to windshield frame, correct? Is it possible you have TJ doors? the TJ windshield tilts back a little more than a YJ does. Got pictures?:thumb:

1970Buick 11-08-2011 05:41 PM

I have the same thing going on. (original hard doors) Everyone on here said the door needed adjusting using the bolts that go to the hinges on the door itself. I tried that and it didn't do anything though.

Jeremiah856 11-09-2011 07:27 AM

I have the original hard doors. The TJ doors wont fit, I know this because I tried throwing my buddies on there for giggles but no joy. They won't even close. I'll try and take a couple pics today when I get back from work... You said you were told to adjust the bolts on the hinges? I'm not sure how that would be very helpful since the striker pin and everything lines up about right. Ive been topless and doorless all summer but now it's cold and I need a seal!

Jeremiah856 11-09-2011 08:20 AM

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Attachment 76679

Attachment 76680

Heres a couple pics. the outside one is my driver and the other is the passenger.

YJman 11-09-2011 10:58 AM

Looks like you need a door adjustment. Or maybe new bushings in the hinges.

raven41 11-09-2011 11:50 AM

Looks like you need to adjust the roll bar length to bring the windshield further toward the rear. Take the padding off and look at the attach point on the bar.

Jerricho 11-09-2011 12:04 PM


Originally Posted by raven41 (Post 1732310)
Looks like you need to adjust the roll bar length to bring the windshield further toward the rear. Take the padding off and look at the attach point on the bar.

I second this one... On the roll bar that goes behind the doors, it is not rigid, on the top there is a bolt that holds it in place. You might have to slide the roll bar pad forward to see it. Loosen that a little and you should be able to change the angle of your windshield a little.

Another thing is if you look at your doors from behind does the top look out of line with the body of the door? It may just be a bad angle on the picture, but it looks like it might not be straight.

FLswampbox 11-09-2011 04:29 PM

My 91 had the same problem and then I adjusted the roll bar length and it fixed it

Jeremiah856 11-09-2011 04:35 PM

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Attachment 76769

I pulled the windshield down and went to loosen the top bolts like y'all said just to find out they were anti tamper Torx head... Which I didnt have at the time so I used the trusty hammer and tapped em in. They seal up great now, thanks for the tip. Word of caution to anyone doing this dont slide the bar the whole way against the vertical roll bar because your front bracket may rub and cause the door to bind. So I pulled em out a bit and all is well. Thanks again!

Jerricho 11-09-2011 10:39 PM

Lookin good man. On the Torx heads, it is probably worth the 5 bucks at Auto Zone to pick up a set, they are used in quite a few places on your ride.

amerdt4 11-10-2011 06:47 AM

How much did you pull that back ?Looks like at least an inch . Is your top going to fit now? Did you originally loosen all six hinge bolts on the door at the same time to try to adjust the door ? Including the latch post? IMO I'm not so sure moving the windshield and roll bar was the best option , considerind the top was already seated in place . Good luck though

Jeremiah856 11-10-2011 09:47 AM

I have a Torx 40 but I think your right about picking up a full set, seems like itll be worth spending the few bucks. As far as the top, it fits just as good as it did earlier. It's a new supertop (only a month old) so I just adjusted the slider in the back up another notch. Everything is fitting fine, I'm gonna put some new weather stripping on it this weekend and that'll help with sealing around the rest of it. As far as adjusting the door goes, the rest of the door was sitting fine and locking in on the striker pin fine so I didn't think moving it was a very good option, thanks guys.

Jeremiah856 11-10-2011 09:49 AM

I pulled it back a good inch or so, I left about an inch from the vertical bar in the back, I think it'll very a little depending on the wear of your doors ect... Just tamper with it a little it's a pretty simple fix.

1970Buick 11-10-2011 08:13 PM

Man, I never thought of that. I might have to message you for help once I start trying to adjust mine. Our's looked identical

Jeremiah856 11-11-2011 08:26 AM

Just PM me if you need anything it's pretty straight forward

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