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SouthpawJ79 11-11-2011 01:49 PM

VETERANS DAY - Support our troops!!!
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11/11/11!!! Support Our Troops! 10% of proceeds donated to Any Soldier and Navy/Marine relief!!! Check out my posts/sites for paracord accessories... Anything you want... I can make it!

I'm simply a volunteer firefighter.. Who is joining the Marines (Oorah!) and is trying to make it by in this economy...

I recently started a business from what was a hobby. I find many people like things made from paracord and with my ropes training as a firefighter I can do several types of knots and make many things from paracord.

I started I.C.E. Survival Gear for those who enjoy a rugged outdoor lifestyle. I can make anything you want out of paracord and in any color you want. I donate a portion of the profits to Navy/Marine Relief and Any Soldier.

In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.) survival gear allows individuals to inconspicuously carry with them paracord that can be used in virtually any obstacle you may approach. It's not only an accessory that looks nice... But a tool that can be used for those of us who live life HARD. Paracord can stand up to 550lbs and I also have stainless steel anchor shackles that can stand up to 530lbs.

Lastly I also make donuts, so all you have to do is pull the end for the amount of paracord you want. Cut. And put the donut back in your bag. No untangling. Knotting or any hassle...

Here are just a few things I make...

Door Handles
Rollbar grab handles
Donuts (25' 50' 100' etc)
Dog/car collars
Can/Bottle koozie

Anything you want... Any color... Any style... I can make it!

I also have a web page on Facebook...

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