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Fuzzymoose 11-13-2011 01:30 AM

07 wrangler signal and dome light issues
Hey guys, just wonderin if anyone out there has had a similar issue or can offer me advice of any kind. Ok so all of a sudden my signal lights stopped working, when my hazards are on they're good tho. Also I have no control over the dome and dash lights, and as soon as my ignition is turned on, all the lights go on with no response to the switch. I've checked all the fuses and pulled the switch out, everything looks fine, not sure if there's a crossed wire somewhere or what. Anyways, Ive never really encountered anything like this before and am pretty new at it so any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Mark73 02-10-2012 12:32 AM

It's you're light dimmer switch the one that turns down youre dash lights - dome on off . Mine works if my dash lite is turned up all the way but if u turn them down my dome flickers Signal lights flash there's something worn in there I will have to fix mine someday . For now I just don't touch it anymore . I'm Sure it's a pain to change we will see. Sucks having my dash so bright then add that hi beem blue :)if they don't work wiggle you're dimmer switch

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