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JDT 11-13-2011 09:06 PM

2.4L exhaust
I know that engine upgrades aren't the most popular subject on the forums, but I've got a 05 wrangler and I was thinkin about puttin a new muffler not the jeep. I'd love to see what y'all would recommend and video clips if you've got any. I was thinkin about puttin a flowmaster 40 series. My brother used to have a 2.8l Colorado with one and it sounded good. I'd just like to know what y'all would recomend. Thanks

Wrangler06 11-13-2011 09:12 PM

i have a welded on magnaflow muffler (stock piping and cat) on my 2.4L 6 speed and i like it, not loud unless you get on it, smooth and quiet rumble on the highway..not too ricey and doesnt sound like a car...but also doesnt sound like a 4.0 or a v8 lol...oh and i have a hard top and full doors, with the top off its a little louder/ rid of my hardtop before the exhaust so not sure about sound with a soft top on

Wrangler06 11-14-2011 05:59 PM

meant got rid of the soft top* before the exhaust

JDT 11-14-2011 06:56 PM

Allright, thanks for the help, I defiantly don't want it to sound ricey lol. I think I might go with a 4 series single in dual out with turn-downs dumping infront of the rear axle,

56cj5 11-14-2011 07:00 PM

I was thinking of the same exhaust that turns down in front of the axle ... My only issue is that I wonder if it will still be emissions legal here in new york... I'm leaving it stock from the cat forward so I don't see why it would effect it. But who knows??

Sidekick T 10-07-2015 01:09 PM

How did the 40 series end up sounding?
Im looking to upgrade my exhaust this weekend

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