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Gottabstick 11-14-2011 11:24 PM

Just over a month of ownership
I cant believe I never got into a jeep earlier. This spectacular piece of metal and plastic has fulfilled all my expectations and more. Looks awesome, fun to drive, functional, capable and cough *semi*-economical.

Its been a month and she's had tops off, doors off, shes been places a truck could only dream of and has hit some somewhat excessive speeds on highway with ease.

Mods to date - rock equipment grille guard , quadratec floor mats, door sill protectors, raycor hardtop lift.

Future mods - unknown, depends on what craigslist deal I can't pass up on:D

Anybody who is contemplating buying one- JUST DO IT- you'll never look back

Gottabstick 11-15-2011 12:00 PM

Craigslist was listening, just bought a practically brand spanking new sunrider top for $200. How many months til spring again??:punk:. I just missed out on blue and grey neoprene seat covers for $100 yesterday. I think with all these craigslist bargains I may have finally made my money back for what I overpaid for the black appearance package:rofl:

sneck 11-15-2011 12:02 PM

that is a sweet looking brush guard, where did you get it? Only thing I don't like is that gap, but I'm sure that can be fixed :thumb:

Gottabstick 11-15-2011 12:27 PM


Originally Posted by sneck (Post 1746615)
that is a sweet looking brush guard, where did you get it? Only thing I don't like is that gap, but I'm sure that can be fixed :thumb:

I got it off craigslist , negotiated down to $150, its almost 600 shipped on the website. Its 3 years old and faded somewhat and it took a little head scratching and modification to get it on the '12. Apparently theres problems with the fitment on 11's and 12's as with the aries brushguard. Nothing that a little drilling and long needle nose pliers couldnt fix though:)
I was thinking about the gap in the middle too. I see other brushguards with that chicken wire looking grate filling in the gap. Too much other stuff going on right now to mess with it though, but maybe later when I get around to bedlining it.
It may not be the most practical of bumper mods because you loose alot of approach clearance. But I just love the look , especially how long it now looks in profile

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