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jeep-a-leep 10-12-2007 12:30 AM

sound bar plug under dash
has anyone seen, heard of, or used the plug/ harness that is under the passenger side dash that connects to a sound bar?

i bought a soundbar for my 93 and it came with a wire harness to make the install easy. There is a plug hanging out of the sound bar, and the opposite end on the harness to make that connection, but the end that goes to the radio has just loose wires that need to be spliced. My 93 seems to have a male plug under the dash to connect to a sound bar. Does anyone know where i can get the female end to add to the entire new harness to make my life easier, and get this set-up this weekend? i don't want to splice any wires into my radio since i have a plug hanging there waiting to get used.

if this makes sense, please help a fellow jeeper.

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