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KimberlyWalker 11-20-2011 06:13 PM

Rear Bearings for my 1999 Wrangler?
I have a 1999 wrangler se, 4 cyl. Overall, it is in excellent condition, partly because it was taken care of by its previous owners, and partly because my father is a mechanic and has fixed any and all the problems.

The ONE thing we have had a problem with, is a noise. Basically, once I get going over 40mph, my jeep makes this...whining noise, i guess. Heres the funny thing, the noise ONLY is present when I am stepping on the gas peddle. As soon as I step off, the noise shuts up. ALSO, when I am in 4 wheel drive, the noise completely disappears.

So, I've taken it to many mechanics. Many of which had NO IDEA what the problem was. Eventually one said it was my transfer case. While my t case was aweful, it was not a problem. I bought a new one and switched it out for my old one and the nosie is still there. The bad part, is I don't drive my car over 55mph because the faster I go, the louder and higher pitch the noise gets :(

So, now my father and I are toying with the idea that is is the rear bearings in the pumpkin box. Since the sound is definitely coming more from the back of the car. I'm not sure if they're bad, or rubbing on something, but I'm going to take my car to a well respected mechanic who is also a friend, so that I can get the work done cheap.

How much do the bearings cost? (Minus the work!)

and has anyone else had this problem?! It's a hard problem to explain and anyone who has every driven with me just becomes confused.


my98tj 11-21-2011 09:53 AM

could be your pinion bearings. if they howl when you're on the gas and the noise stops when you're off it, then that's probably what it is. i rebuilt the rear axle on my 98 and bought the bearing kit from quadratec for $100, but that includes pinion, carrier and axle bearings. it also comes with seals and everything you need.

EDIT: welcome to the forum.

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