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Coil Springs or a lift kit, which is 'better'?
I have been searching and searching and i couldn't find an exact answer so i thought i should post it.

I have been reading through threads about lifting to use bigger tires (I am looking for 33s on a stock Sport S 2012).

I have seen many lift kits (I would go with the TF leveling kit, and wheel spacers for a more appealing stance) and they all seem to come with a lot of little extension and seem like i would need to continuously re-check the bolts over time, as well as needing new shocks over 2" of lift.

I have also read people just installing stiffer springs and getting up to 2". With this 'lift' there is nothing else to install? (no need to longer shocks, or any extensions as provided with the lift kits?) Also will this lift fall over time as the springs get worn? (meaning my 33s will ride fine, but in 5 years they may rub)

Comparing these two options on a 2012 2dr Sport S, looking to simply level up and use 33s, which would be the better option in terms of long term performance?

gixxerphil 11-22-2011 11:53 PM

I would think you can get a little lift from using the unlimited springs. It will probably ride stiffer than before.
All springs will sag over time.

SeaComms 11-23-2011 04:32 AM

Its all a compromise. If you lift 2 inches with spacers say, you will loose 2 inches of down travel due to shocks running out of length, but gain 2in in up travel. However, if you stick 33's on you will have to put in at least 1in bump stop extensions to stop them hitting at full compression, so now you are down an inch in travel.

So now you stick in 2 inch shock extensions - no biggie, use loctite on the bolts and you wont have any problems with them, now you need 2in bump stop extensions to stop the shocks from bottoming out.

Do away with the 2in spacers and use 2in higher springs - no change to any of the above comments. Go over 2 inches and you will need to stick in adjustable track bars to bring the diffs back to the middle. You will also need to relocate lower the rear brake line brackets as the lines wont be long enough. You will also need to fit longer rear swaybar links, which will usually hit the stock wheels so require some fancy fiddling or replacement wheels with less back space. Your front sway bar links will also be too short so may as well replace the stockers with disconnectable ones.

The higher you go, the more you need to change and the more the ride will change (as the control arm angles increase transferring more of the road bumps into the chassis).

As I started by saying - its all a compromise! The lower the lift, the cheaper the outcome. 33's will fit on stock suspension, but I would recommend at least 1in bump stop extensions. 11-23-2011 09:49 AM

Thanks. From all of that I got that the easiest method is installing stiffer springs for increased height.

However I'm a bit worried about new springs for lift over bigger wheels just in case they sag after a few years and then start to rub on the wheels haha

I think I might just end up taking a leveling kit to a mechanic or dealer to get it installed properly.

daggo66 11-23-2011 11:00 AM

New coil springs won't sag any more than your stock springs with a spacer lift. In fact there is less chance of them sagging and rubbing since they are stiffer to begin with. 11-23-2011 11:25 AM

Awesome good call. I guess I will go with new springs and shocks for the lift! (springs first shocks a while later haha)

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