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ou812 11-23-2011 06:18 AM

Looking for a favor
Sounds strange
I own a minor modded tj but something in my heart screams yj
So I'm looking for a yj owner in south louisiana near Houma that would let me ride there jeep as a passenger just to see the difference.

I want a yj but it would be my only jeep daily driver,if it's a really terrible ride I'd probly pass,honestly my Tj rides smoother than most midsize trucks I've owned.

Just asking,I don't have to drive

I know just man up and get a freakn yj

Maxx 02-12-2012 09:03 PM

Hey I'd be willing to help you out because I have a Yj and THINK I want a TJ so Im in the same boat as you. Only problem is I'm havinv trouble with my clutch. If you still want to try it out and I can try yours, when my clutch is fixed lets do it. Maybe you know more about clutches than I do. Here's my problem.

I have a 91 yj 4 cyl 5 spd. previous owner replaced clutch plate, pressure plate, master and slave just before selling it. Cutch was slipping when I purchased it. He said it worked fine right after having it repllaced but started slipping after a few short trips. I pulled the parts out to inspect them. All looked ok except the flywheel had a little ware and had a glaze. I had the flywheel trued and put all back together and all seemed ok at first. it felt like a new vehicle. Pulled strong. No slipping at all. again after a few short drives all of a sudden within a mile it began to slip more and more to the point it felt like it was in neutral, would not even nudge the vehicle.
What could the problem be.

ou812 03-03-2012 09:27 PM

Man I dont know,Could the clutch plate be installed backwards?
I had a mitsubishi mighty max that i purchased with a slipping clutch,the owner changed it,it still slipped so he sold it cheap,Pulled the tranny down and the clutch disk was backwards,the metal on the clutch disk center was touching the pressure plate and flywheel at the same time,not letting the surfaces touch completly.

I have the 4.0 so im not familar with the ax-5 or 2.5

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