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Grizzly-Chris 11-27-2011 06:51 AM

Uk jeep prices
Just got to jump on my soap box and have a moan, what's with the prices of wranglers here in the UK, in the last 4 years I have had 2 a 98 Sahara for 2 years and a 03 grizzly which only lasted 8 months due to needing better mpg. Well circumstances have changed and looking for another wrangler but what's with the prices, The advertised prices are ridiculously high.
If you px a wrangler a 2nd hand car dealer will offer you the glasses book price but they advertise it say on autotrader or eBay at a stupidly high price hoping some mug will pay it, recent examples 03-06's for 7-8k come on you can get a lot of car for that, I bought my 03 grizzly for 5k last year, unfortunately it seems some private sellers are jumping on the band wagon and keeping the prices stupidly over priced. I love my wranglers as do most of you but I won't be ripped off. Anyway rant over and lets keep it sensible.:thumb:

Beastmaster 11-27-2011 11:15 AM

Wow, I guess we could ship you some if you didn't have the steering wheel on the wrong side.:rolleyes:

(Just kidding - I bought a left hand drive MG over there many years ago and boy did I get allot of strange looks driving around East Anglia until I shipped it stateside):rofl:

I guess Chrysler hasn't figured out they have a market over there to have more available and (hopefully) bring the prices down. The Wrangler is a good, dependable vehicle.

Anyway, good luck with your hunt.:thumb:

Bazzer 11-27-2011 03:06 PM

For a current owner like me this is a good thing. I bought my JK one year ago, and today's prices mean mine hasn't depreciated. I've never owned a car that didn't depreciate.

Also may have something to do with the time of year. 4x4 sales boom at the start of winter which means high prices due to high demand.

Keep looking though and good luck, you may come across a good example and the owner is looking for a quick sale.

Grizzly-Chris 11-28-2011 04:58 AM

Thanks beastmaster, bazzer you may have a point about the time of year.

Tonycrd 11-29-2011 01:07 PM

Over here it's even worse. Think 10 to 15k € for a TJ.

Grizzly-Chris 12-02-2011 06:50 AM

That's a lot of cash Tony, I think a 2nd hand dealer over here must be trying to beat your prices in spain, as they just posted up on autotrader a 2004 Sahara for nearly 10k !! Perhaps it's got a solid gold chassis they forgot to mention in the ad.

Sjeupie 04-09-2012 07:10 AM

Prices of new wranglers are also excessively high in confront to the USA. Most people here (the non europeans) always mention that the Wrangler's big advantage is the price. Well...I can spend 50k on more than just a Wrangler..!

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