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Rootj 11-27-2011 09:31 PM

Painting Satin Finish
Anyone paint a wrangler a satin finish? I like the look of something slightly brighter than primer and easier to touch up than gloss.

Any pictures?

TJNewbie 11-27-2011 10:09 PM

Are you talking on the body or on the fenders/bumpers, door handles and such?

Rootj 11-28-2011 10:28 AM

The whole dern thang.

06GoldenEagle 11-28-2011 10:32 AM

anything other than flat touches up like crap. ive been a paint professional for 11 years. its noticeable if you try to touch up because it heightens the gloss on the area you touch up making it noticeable. flat is the way to go if you want to be able to touch up unless you are going to paint a full section then you can use satin

Rootj 11-28-2011 12:34 PM

Ok so how do flat jeeps look?

Rolf 11-28-2011 04:15 PM

How about just having it vinyl wrapped?

There is a flat/matt black TJ around my neigborhood that looks awesome. It has however been wrapped and the shiny black paint is still perfect underneath. Proper 3M or Avery Denison vinyl has several years warranty as well and is very tough.

acrijos 11-28-2011 04:53 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Satin black home painted with a HVLP spray gun

Rootj 11-28-2011 10:44 PM

That's a beauty. How bout retouching?

acrijos 11-30-2011 05:24 PM

Re-touching is very simple. Depending on the area, I use an airbrush that I use to paint my scale RC Tanks. I used 5 coats of satin black paint, and I still have about 40% of a Gallon paint can. That's the beauty of using a High Volume Low Pressure spray gun.

BladeRunner 11-30-2011 06:25 PM

@ acrijos. Where did you get the paint? Who makes it? And last did you spray on a clear coat?

TJNewbie 11-30-2011 07:09 PM

That satin black looks awesome! I saw the show "West Coast Customs" do a JK in a Satin black wrap with Orange lettering/logos that turned out cool too!

Rootj 12-04-2011 03:30 PM

Good question, what is the paint brand?

acrijos 12-04-2011 04:22 PM


Originally Posted by BladeRunner (Post 1785818)
@ acrijos. Where did you get the paint? Who makes it? And last did you spray on a clear coat?

I got it in ebay, 1 GAL Satin Black Auto Paint RAT ROD "FREE SHIPPING" | eBay, one gallon and ready to paint, $60. I did not spray on a clear coat.

BladeRunner 12-07-2011 10:39 PM

Thanks! :)

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