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Sammy91683 11-27-2011 11:34 PM

Startup Getting Kinda Sketchy
So I have a 98 TJ, and gradually, it's taking longer and longer for the engine to turn over. It has always started though. I was just wondering what part may be getting old. Do I need to get a startup replacement kit with new ignition cables and spark plugs, or what?

jeepwayoflife 11-28-2011 12:14 AM

very well could just be your battery. Same thing started happening to mine a few weeks ago. Take your battery out and bring it to a local Kragen or Pep boys and have them test it for free. As batteries die, they lose the amount of amps they can put out at once, making your starter turn slower, and making startup harder and longer. If battery fine, clean the battery posts and terminals. If still nothing, its probably the starter, but more often than not its just the battery. If STILL nothing, have the engine cleaned and yes, spark plugs replaced. Jiffy lube cleaned my engine all out for around $100 and I say a big improvement. Good luck!

HarryJeepGuy 11-28-2011 01:01 AM

After it sits for a while (overnight) you can check your pressure at the fuel rail. It sounds like your anti drain back valve is going bad near your fuel pump. If you don't want to fix it, turn your key to the on position for 10 seconds before you start it. It needs/should have pressure before starting.

HarryJeepGuy 11-28-2011 01:39 AM

Think of it as a check valve next to your fuel pump. It keeps the fuel pressure after you turn off your engine. When it goes bad, it let's the gas drain back to the tank, away from the injectors. So, when you try to start, there isn't enough gas. Turning the ignition to on fires up the fuel pump, but now it has to send gas all the way to the cylinders because the gas has drained... So either drop the tank and replace stuff, or turn the key to on and wait.

LiftedTj 11-28-2011 08:12 AM

mine was doing the same thing. im to cheap and its to cold outside to fix it right now so i just turn the key forward for a few seconds, and it fires right up.

Sammy91683 11-28-2011 08:25 AM

Ok cool
Thanks! I'll try and figure out exactly what it is. I'll test the turning the key this morning, and if that works, then I'll know what it is

tangofox007 11-28-2011 08:39 AM


Originally Posted by HarryJeepGuy (Post 1778132)
If you don't want to fix it, turn your key to the on position for 10 seconds before you start it.

The fuel pump is only going to run 2-3 seconds. No need to wait longer than that.

Sammy91683 11-28-2011 10:57 PM

Ok, so I did the turning to the on position for a couple seconds thing at several different times today, and it didn't make a difference. What would be next?

jeepwayoflife 11-29-2011 12:59 AM

Try what I said in the first post or 2. Look into the battery, terminals, and if nothing else the starter. Start with the battery. Get it tested at auto zone or pep boys then see how it does. Could just be the battery! Mine was.

Sammy91683 11-29-2011 08:24 AM

Ok cool thanks
So just remove it and take it in? And how would I clean the posts and terminals?

burton160w 11-29-2011 08:36 AM

Wire brush & Coca-Cola and just give it hell. They also make specific wire brushes for battery terminals that make it a ten second job. Disconnect the battery before you clean the terminals :)

I will say that usually you can see the corrosion already on the battery if that's the problem. It'll look like a dried white crust on your terminals. But you can't be 100% sure until you take it in.

Sammy91683 11-29-2011 04:50 PM

Ok sweet.
I'll just look up a thread/youtube video on it.
Also, if I replace all of the starter stuff, any good suggestions?

Sccafire 11-29-2011 04:56 PM

Where in NorCal are you? If you live close enough, I have everything to help you fix your problem

Sammy91683 11-29-2011 10:50 PM

It's all good. My cousin has a complete 5000 sq. ft. shop with a hydraulic lift, and pretty much every tool you can think of. I always just go down there whenever I work on it. Thanks for the offer though :]

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