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CJXJYJ 11-29-2011 01:39 PM

Fuel guage reading inaccurate after 1/2 tank
1993 YJ 4.0 Fuel guage starts to read inaccurate just after a half a tank left. I have heard many a suggestion, being it the tank is warped, sending unit float being hung up or even the guage being messed up. Anyone have an idea in which of the three problems is the most common? I use my trip now but I am OCD and all 5 of my jeeps I love to keep as mechanically sound as possible.


flatline 11-29-2011 03:22 PM

best guess is the sending unit.

YJman 11-29-2011 04:07 PM

I was having the same problem. The problem only worsened as time went on. I took the sending unit out and could not get my hands on JUST the sending unit. Everywhere I looked, I had to buy the pump with the sending unit attached to it. I ended up cleaning the unit with electrical contact cleaner and it reads much more accurate now. Still want to buy a new one though.

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