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zombie80 11-29-2011 01:28 PM

ground? I have no idea
About 6 months ago I purchased a 2000 Wrangler. I've always loved wranglers and was very excited to finally have one. The day I brought it home it caught fire and I had to take an extinguisher to the dash. Looking at it, it appeared that the stereo wiring was a rats nest and it looked like that was what caused the fire. The insurance deemed it a total loss, I'm very lucky I started the insurance on it when I did. I had an auto shop recommended to me and they told me that for just under 5k they'd replace the dash and all the wiring and also clean it up. When I received the jeep they had replaced part of the dash, it's still missing pieces and they say they replaced the wiring behind the dash but it's obvious they did not. They didn't even do as much as clean it properly but that's another matter. A couple weeks ago the jeep wouldn't start, I tried to figure out what it was and started smelling smoke. After a few minutes I figured out it was coming from the wiring going up to a light bar. The previous owner installed quite a few small accessories (light bar, under dash lights, something that says codemaster on it) and the auto shop reinstalled the light bar hoping to shut me up. I disconnected the light bar and hoped my problems were over, however now about half the time I try to start the jeep I can turn the key to acc and everything works but then when I push it further you hear a click and then nothing. If you put it back to acc you get nothing until you disconnect the wire from the batteries positive post and put it back on. I've checked every wire to see if there is a ground somewhere but can't find anything. Usually after going through wires and disconnecting the battery once or twice it will start but I would love to be able to find out what is causing this problem. Any ideas? btw I know next to nothing about cars but I am very willing to learn and research anything you guys might think the cause is.

oranjeep 11-29-2011 08:25 PM

First- welcome to the forum :D
I'm thinking if I paid someone 5K to repair my JEEP, they would be getting it back in a heart beat to repair it properly. Document and take pictures of any problems if you need to take legal action. Once you mess with it yourself, it's all on you!!

daryladams 11-29-2011 10:24 PM

I agree. I'd get an attorney. It may just take a letter to get it resolved; rework, refund, etc. Failing that, you're into some electrical troubleshooting, ohm meter, voltmeter, disconnecting circuits, MFS, ignition switch, etc.

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