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Day Dreamer 12-02-2011 05:05 PM

A few newb question
Hey all, wanna first thank this forum- its been a big help for me. Seems a lot of smart ppl are here. I have a new wrangler sport automatic and I'm trying to figure out how to properly use the manual shifting. I'm a little afraid to use it, I don't wanna mess anything up. I will admit I know nothing about jeeps or cars. Always driven an automatic and this is the first automatic that has manual shifting abilitys. When is the proper time to shift down? When I'm slown down and shift down it sounds like my jeep wants to blow up. I know its not a real manual but I've never driven something with this feature and I wanna do it proper if I decide to use it every now an then. Also another quick silly question... if I drive up a very steep hill and can't make it up all the way up, should I put it in reverse and back down? Or keep it in drive and let gravity bring me back down? Will it mess up my transmission if I'm backing up a few yards while its still in drive? Much thanks in advance and sorry for the silly questions

Keep Moving Forward 12-02-2011 05:37 PM

Hey Day Dreamer,

the Jeep site has a section containing a brief Off Road Guide. There is all kinds of info there that might help you out. Try:

Explore Jeep Capabilities | 4x4 Off Road Guide | Jeep,

Heres what they say there regarding your hill question:

When climbing hills ALWAYS go straight up or down. It’s also smart to know what’s on the other side before going up. At the base of the hill you should apply more power. Ease up on the power as you approach the top and before going over the crest. If you stall on the ascent, back straight down the hill in reverse.

(my underlining)

Hope this helps.

Mr Mac 12-02-2011 05:46 PM

I tell my kids that each gear is typically good for 10 mph so 1st gear is good up to 10 mph and then it's time to go to second and so on. The same can hold true for downshifting otherwise far too much pressure is put on the drive train and this is exhibited by the rear wheels locking up for an instant.

Keep Moving Forward is pretty well right on for backing down a hill if you didn't make it up the first try. Take is slow and everything should be fine.

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