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ManlyLooks 12-05-2011 07:57 PM

Engine issues, please help!
So, I have a 92 yj wrangler. It has a straight six cylinder 4.0 liter engine. My problem is that mainly in fourth gear (but it has happened in second third and fifth as well.) So when I'm driving at (what i believe is) low RMP and go into neutral, so i can coast and decelerate the car seems to die, like the gauges dim, i lose power steering, everything, and typically the car sort of catches itself and revs and then is back to normal, but sometimes it shuts off completely. I cant give you an exact RMP value of what it does, because i dont have a tachometer, but im nearly positive that its low RMP, like going 35 in fourth on flat (or downhill) it will do it pretty much everytime. I saw a mechanic and he said it may be the MAP sensor, although i do not know. i was just wondering if anyone here could help me, its a tad nerve racking when im coming up to a turn and all of the sudden i lose power steering. Thanks guys!

ManlyLooks 12-05-2011 07:59 PM

oh, and if i left something out or you need more information, just tell me and i fill you in as best as i can

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