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Quadratec 12-12-2011 08:52 AM

Quadratec & Warn PullzAll Give-away!
We Have A Winner..scroll to post 46 to see who won.

Quadratec & Warn PullzAll Give-away!

This contest is for one (1) Warn PullzAll 110V AC Corded Version Winch 92100.100 - 685000

How do you enter? It's easy! Just answer one of the following questions as a reply post. The winner will be chosen based on
originality, creativity and quality of your response.

The contest will run all week long, ending Sunday, Dec 18th at 11:59pm. The winner will be chosen Monday and notified afterwards.

Now, on to the questions!

Please Answer One of the Following Questions:

-How would you use the pullz-all?


-Tell us a scenario you encountered where you could have used a pullz-all?

Judging & Selection of Winners:
Judges are employees of Quadratec Incorporated. All submissions are judged on the basis of originality, creativity and artistic quality. All decisions of the contest judges are final.

Your Rights:
All creative writing submissions remain the property of the artist who wrote or created them. However, by submitting an entry to Quadratec for this type of contest, the artist agrees that Quadratec may publish the work online or in print at the discretion of the Quadratec Marketing Department.

All Prizewinners will be notified by email or by forum private message.

2011Tango 12-12-2011 10:40 AM

If I had to Pullz all, the past two years we have had about 30 inches of snow or so... And there a whole bunch of dummys in Northern VA that seem to think Honda Civics and Nissan Altimas are good cars to drive in a foot of snow.
So I would use my Pullz all to go around and help people get themselves pulled out so they could get home safely to their families.

SRH92YJ 12-12-2011 10:45 AM

well i guess i'll go with question number 2.

well this was how i discovered the 4wd wasn't working on my yj i just bought a little over a month ago. i had somebody comming out to buy a s-10 blazer i rolled and got ejected from going a pretty substantial speed. got back in it and continued to drive it to my destination where it stayed for awhile. well seeing as how i had no idea what kinda truck or trailer this guy was comming to pick this thing up with i decided to drive the wrangler over next to it to jump it, it was kinda tight but i figured the wrangler could handle it. well after realizing the blazer was unjumpable i realized i was stuck or gonna slam into the side of the blazer. so i drove the wrangler in front of the blazer to try and turn around but immiedietly sunk into the ground. oh did i mention that i was 8ft from a 35ft ledge? and the ledge i was on was all just loose soil from years and years of woodchips being dumped on the edge of this cliff. so the guy comes and manages to help me get it more stuck closer to the edge of the cliff. after he left i tried using a come-along but nothing. i ended up having to wait 4+ hours for somebody with a pickup to come and pull me out. if i had this warn wench i woulda been unstuck in probably 4 minutes :)

Okieveg 12-12-2011 11:04 AM

The possibilites are endless for an electric winch that pulls 1000 lbs. I used ones to remove an old stump from my front lawn, just hooked it up to the tow hooks on the front of the JK and let it do the work!! Well, some of the work work anyway!

Cons_Table 12-12-2011 11:06 AM

The hardest part with the first two are gonna have to figure out how to plug it in so that it works in the field and it says that its for up to 1000 pounds...;) Good luck nonetheless.

Anyways, I think this tool would get a work out between my house and my buddy's house. We are constantly pulling parts and swapping parts on our rigs. Most of the time these parts are pretty heavy and awkward to handle. This would make a great tool to get parts up off the ground and moved around. It would come in handy during axle swaps, motor swaps, and anything in between. The Warn PullzAll would become an essential in the garage I am sure :thumb:

mhaines 12-12-2011 11:08 AM

Having a PullzAll would make getting the hardtop off the Jeep a lot easier saving a bunch of back pain. It would also make getting the riding mower to the garage, when it breaks down, easier. All in all, having a PullzAll around the house would make a bunch of chores easier to handle

kma 12-12-2011 12:05 PM

Besides the obvious of using to lift hard top off, pull engines, lift axles, pull yard debris from where I can't get the jeep to, the best thing I can think of to use a PullzAll for would be to suspend my father-in-laws big @$$ from the rafters next time he comes out and tells me how to work on the brakes of his F-250 Super Duty, which by the way he has no clue on how to do himself, not has he ever changed brakes on any vehicle! Heck with 1000 lb capability I could winch the mother-in-law up there with him so he has company! : ) Merry Christmas and safe jeeping!

xtremos 12-12-2011 12:48 PM

as it happens 2 days ago it would have been a back saver!!
some local kid got himself stuck and ready to roll down a ravine on our local OHV park, we went over there but we only had one winch and we really needed 2, one in the back and a second one on the side, but the problem was that we could not get around him, or over him, or nothing, so we had to use our ingenuity and all our backs to keep his cherokee from rolling down the hill.

mmmm maybe that was a great idea, 'cause if you don't have recovery gear, and you don't know the area, YOU DON'T WHEEL BY YOURSELF!!! freaking kids!!! :banghead:

So back to the issue in hand, the pullZall, would have been a goodsend because of that, instead we spend 5 freaking hrs saving a $500 dll vehicle from polluting our trails!!


lbs1273 12-12-2011 12:48 PM

Answer to question #1
I would use a WARN Pullsall to pull engines out of projects, to move cars and trucks in and out of my trailer, lift cabs, beds, frames, axles, and anything that is to heavy around the shop, and anything else I can find to move around that a cord will reach. On wheeling trips it could be handy to have it for camp repairs as long as the generator is there. I could use it in more ways I am sure just need one to see where it is useful. thanks

wwch99tj 12-12-2011 01:08 PM

Answer question 1
I would use the Warn PullzAll to raise the back of the jeep up off the floor while it was in the garage so that I might be able to take it to work 1 day. My wife drives it to work most days so if I jacked the tires off the floor she would be clueless to what's wrong :thumb:
And thanks for having this contest :)

183Beast 12-12-2011 01:18 PM

I could have used the pullzall when I had to remove my hardtop by MYSELF! That thing is way to heavy to take off. I also could have used it to straighten my stock bumper back up!

lightnin 12-12-2011 01:18 PM

I would use the pullzall around the house. Loading parts into my lifted truck or lifting all the wife's junk up into the attic so I wouldn't have to make 15 unsafe trips up the sketchy ladder. I would also use it at work. Working on air compressors moving motors and elements around. We are fortunate enough to have a harbor freight chain fall but this would be so much more handy.

Thank for the contest and the chance.

Mr Mac 12-12-2011 01:21 PM

I could see that over my bed on Monday mornings...

motocrasher 12-12-2011 01:36 PM

I was at a friend house. his parents were out of town, guess what wasnt supposed to be going on. Well long story short a kid there was leaving and decided not to take the driveway. He sunk his truck in the front yard. which was pretty much a swamp. The was no way nor enough chain to reach the sunken z71. the boy had to be a a college exam the next morning. No one could get him out. The PullsAll would have been extremly helpful and my friends mom wouldn't have come home to a turfed front yard with a random truck in it.

ringzntattz 12-12-2011 01:43 PM

I would pull my wife's mini-van out of the drive way so I could go get stuck somewhere.

Stubbleduck 12-12-2011 01:44 PM

Like others have said; taking my hard top(2000 TJ) off and lifting out generators from back of my F-250 that pulls my 5th wheel. Have to pull the genz one at a time though. Definitely save on my back.

arcountryboy 12-12-2011 01:55 PM

I would use it to pull engines and other parts swap mainly. Be a nice replacement to the ol' chain hoist.

BlackedOutYJ 12-12-2011 02:03 PM

I could really use this to assist my wife getting out of bed. Lol jk hope she doesn't see this. Let's be honest we will make anything up to try winning something. Lol. Hope honesty is the best policy...... And a winner.

Chris M 12-12-2011 02:08 PM


Originally Posted by BlackedOutYJ (Post 1821967)
Let's be honest we will make anything up to try winning something. Lol. Hope honesty is the best policy...... And a winner.


The scenario where I could have used this. I've been planning to replace my chain link fence and replace it with a taller one. In order to do that, I've got to get the old posts out of the ground and a couple of small tree stumps. This would be most beneficial to use when pulling those up. It's a simple case of getting an old rim, anchoring the pullzall to a recover point, and then wrapping the other end around the bottom of the item to be pulled out. And voila, it's out.

Mattstevens 12-12-2011 02:18 PM

I would love to have a pullzall because many of the trails around my house in Oregon get blocked because of fallen trees and none of my friends or I have winches to pull them out of the way. Basically the pullzall would be helpin out a poor college kid just trying to access the trails so i can get into the woods and have some fun!

bcoats1975 12-12-2011 02:35 PM

Last winter in Chicago we had one of the biggest blizzards in the Cities history, well during this time I was driving around my neighborhood seeing if I could help anyone. I found a man with his truck stuck on the snow mound left by a plow. Unfortunately I only had tie straps at the time and they continued to snap. So I could have used the pullzall.

Bruck 12-12-2011 03:20 PM

I'm gonna use it to pull my inlaws out of my house the next time they show up!:thumb:

DarthJeep 12-12-2011 03:32 PM

I need this
I would use this to get my lawn tractor/snowblower unstuck. It gets stuck all of the time and I have to dig it out and lots of pushing too.i live in upstate NY on top of a hill so even if it doesn't snow I get blocked in from blowing snow. This would really help me out!I could use it to help get the Prius out of the ditches too. :wavey:

scotbro 12-12-2011 03:50 PM

I would carry the pullzall in my motorhome so I would be able to help people who get stuck and are blocking traffic. It would also come in handy at the campground.

kurek9 12-12-2011 04:08 PM

question 1
question 1
since it has to use a 110 volt plug i would keep it in my shop for when tractors, trucks, and jeeps brake down on the farm. i would mount it in the shop so i will be able to pull the broken down piece of equipment in, quickly and easily.

nwbronco 12-12-2011 04:09 PM

I have A-Frames for days and use come-alongs to raise jeeps high enough to place axle stands under the frame and swap out suspension parts. I can well imagine how easy this would be with a PullzAll!

Bob K.

hungry vulture 12-12-2011 09:18 PM

Pulling old fence posts and general yard work.

IBgeocaching 12-12-2011 09:40 PM

I would use it to assist that pudgy guy in red down/up my chimney so he could continue his journey.

mikes05unlimited 12-12-2011 10:13 PM

I would use it at my parents house, they live in a small community that has a small lake in the middle of it, over the past few years it has gottten a little overcome with down trees and my 65 year old father (who believes he is still 20) takes it upon himself to wade into the water and attempt to cut the trees and pull them out by hand. SO I guess I would send it to my dad as a Christmas present to help him out. And he also thinks it is his job to cut everyones grass in the summer and plow everyones driveways in the winter with his riding lawnmower, so when he gets stuck he could pull himself out. ALso my mom who is a firey little 68 year old Italian pulled a downed tree off of their street a couple weeks ago so she could get to work. They are a couple of stubborn do gooders who would do anything for anyone and go with out so that someone else wouldn't have to. So I would love to help them out. Thank you for the opportunity

gixxerphil 12-12-2011 11:44 PM

I'll answer #1

I want to put it on my coffee table and use it as a conversation piece.

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