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rvanbure73 12-13-2011 04:22 PM

Need to find parts - Engine wiring harness
I am lookin for a wiring harness for my 98' 4.0 engine. Long story short, someone hacked in a 93' 6cyl & computer in place of the OE 4cyl. I upgraded rig harness, computer, intake & throttle body to 98' 4.0 stuff but cant find a wiring harness & the yards in Cali want more than I paid for all the other parts total just for the harness???? Any direction or any local yocals like me that have a wreck or donor parts rig? I have cash will travel or pay for shipping!!

darkproximity 12-13-2011 04:49 PM

You'll have to change out all the sensors too.. since they're obd1 and you'll be going to an obd2 harness.. which will be a lot of work and $

rvanbure73 12-13-2011 04:59 PM

You talkin O2 sensors? If they are wrong it wont stop it from running - just wont run right & I can swap them out anytime, not so worried about that right now seeing as where it was when I started with it, a hacked in 93 computer & engine harness into the butchered 4cy 98 harnes taped together under the hood lol. I just need to get a harness that will mesh with the 98 computer I bought which matches all the new injection components I bought IE: Intake, throttle body w/sensors, injectors & fuel lines etc. I have temp & oil sensors for 98 also. Not much else on these?

darkproximity 12-13-2011 05:04 PM

Im talking every single sensor

darkproximity 12-13-2011 05:08 PM

I guess id have to see it to see what they did.. if they tried to make it all obd1.. sounds like a hasty swap to me lol

rvanbure73 12-13-2011 05:47 PM

the rig is a 98 & now has the appropriate 6cyl harness to match which is all OBDII stuff. I have the 98 injection system & all inlet side sensors in & no new O2 in place on the 93 motor & the thread is the same so its a bolt in those which I have one of in the 98 header waiting. Wrangler is the most basic simple of all Jeeps with the least sensors & junk on it so its not bad at all. I removed all the old 93 craptastic install off & its just waiting for a OE 6cyl harness to test it out & then to muff shop for some exhaust & one new O2 sensor @ the cat. Anyway, no worries there, I love this stuff HATE not being able to find the parts I want or need, almost ready to pin up mu own harness...........but that would require me to become an alcoholic to get such patience lol ......

rvanbure73 12-14-2011 11:34 AM

Parts covered. No more needs @ this time.
Tracy @ hooked me & my buddy up with great priced quality parts - My buddy got a rear seat, seat belts & center console. Tracy hooked me up with wiring, some small pieces & computer etc. Looks like it will be up & back on the road soon! I will try to figure out how to get my pics to actually load.......

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