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Nilrym 12-13-2011 09:41 PM

New to the Wrangler world w/ a couple of questions
I just picked up 93 YJ (2.5L) 171k miles with GY Wrangler 31x10.50R15's (Jeep alloy rims). The tires have about 1/2-3/4 tread left on them.

The PO recommended a 1" BL to help with the tires and clearance. I've not noticed much in the way of rubbing on the fender wells, but I have noticed a bit on the leaf springs during tight turns (u-turns). Now in my reading I've come across backspacing on wheels, and even though I've seen a diagram I'm still not quite sure how it works other than I want rims that push out away (the Jeep rims seem to curve back in toward the hubs) from the hubs a bit to move those 10" wide tires away from the springs.

There isn't a front bumper and I'm looking to put one on there. I'm looking at these 4;
E-Auto Grilles tubular front with hoop
Smittybilt SRC front
Smittybilt tubular front
Rampage tubular front with hoop
Free 2 day shipping w Amazon is a good thing...I plan to do some 4x4in but no major crawlin, and in that case (as per Malteseflcn's bumper thread) it's a matter of what I like ... so my main question is, are the tubular bumpers ok as recovery bumpers or should I go with one that has the d-rings and shackles? Should I need to get pulled out of somewhere will the tubular bumper work as well as a "recovery" bumper?


flatline 12-14-2011 01:42 PM

the problem of running larger tires. for the front it sounds like the wrong back spacing. change rims, adjust stops, or add spacers(I don't like to that). for recovery point in the front, there are hooks, or shackles that mount to the top of the frame in front. just make sure the bumper you buy will allow to clear. or buy bumper with D-rings already installed

Nilrym 12-15-2011 01:52 PM

Tks Flatline, I was thinking of just chaning the rims (need to get a 5th to make the spare match anyhoo), but was unsure of exactly what to look for.


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