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wrangler5 12-15-2011 09:52 AM

newbie to site..
Any good suggestions for tires, for a weekend warrior?
I have a stock 2007 wranglerX..

Mr Mac 12-15-2011 10:01 AM

Welcome to the WF! We also have a weekend warrior and so far have gotten by quite well with our 31X10.5X15 BF Goodrich TAs. They are normally around $220 each but if you catch it just right you can get them online for far less (around $157 each for the KOs).


1ATony 12-15-2011 12:33 PM

Welcome to the site

DarthJeep 12-15-2011 12:58 PM

Depends on the wheeling you plan to do. But a good all terrain would be best. Duratracs or BFGs are both really good.
Welcome to WF. Don't forget to Wave. :wavey:

Beastmaster 12-15-2011 01:35 PM

Welcome to the forum.:wavey:

I have Pro-Comp but wouldn't recommend them. I plan on putting on Duratracs next time.

wedu22 12-15-2011 01:58 PM

Welcome to the WF

I have Wrangler MR/T's (All five where new and on my Jeep when I bought it)...If I where going to buy tires I would have to agree w/Darthjeep and Beastmaster.

wrangler5 12-15-2011 02:59 PM

What's the price range for Duratrac's or BFG's
And i also want to say Thankyou for helpful info and welcoming me to WF!!!
Love this site or app..(lol) its helped me tremendously! Thanks fellow jeepers! I'll be sure to wave!

wedu22 12-15-2011 03:04 PM

It might be helpful for you to look in the "Tires and Wheels" under the General Tech forums here on the WF. Lots of good stuff there.

Mr Mac 12-15-2011 03:05 PM


Originally Posted by wrangler5 (Post 1830803)
What's the price range for Duratrac's or BFG's

What size?

shell 12-15-2011 05:23 PM


wrangler5 12-15-2011 05:34 PM

Well, I wanted to get bigger and wider tires.. but not so big where I have to do a lift kit.. can't afford that right now..
What would you suggest?

JDsDream 12-15-2011 06:55 PM

Welcome to the Forum

X1,000 on the Duratracs. Discount tire is one of the vendors on this forum. Check with them before buying elsewhere.

DarthJeep 12-15-2011 08:34 PM

A 32" will fit no problem a 33" it might rub but probably only when you have the wheel cranked all the way to one side when out wheeling.

95WranglerYJ 12-15-2011 09:18 PM

I have a weekend wheeler and im on a 6.5" spring over. BFGoodrich mud terrains are very quiet on the road and can give you the traction you want off-road. I have 33 10.50 r15 which you would need to run 32" or 31". I'm very impressed with these tires i just got them.

MrSig 12-16-2011 03:59 AM

Welcome and enjoy the forum!

blkrubi88 12-16-2011 05:20 AM


Ageless Stranger 12-17-2011 12:33 AM

Welcome to WF. :cool:

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