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clogan 12-20-2011 04:00 PM

Thoughts on which Jeep to buy?
Hoo-ray! My first post!
I recently retired, and also recently had a motorcycle wreck. I am now thinking of buying a Jeep and taking up back-country exploration instead of motorcycling. It's a bit safer, plus the wife will go with me. Anyhow, I'm trying to decide between a 1997 or so Wrangler, which will easily fit my budget, or a similar vintage Rubicon model for roughly double the money.

I am strongly leaning toward the Rubicon models, but wonder if the extra cash is really warranted. Maybe I should go with a non-Rubicon model??

Here's where I'm leaning, and I would appreciate any thoughts from those who have traveled the same path. My Jeep would be for fun only, and would not be relied upon for daily transportation:
1. In-line 6 would serve me better than I-4, in case I need to tow my fishing boat (2,000 lbs.) 2. Tranny doesn't matter. I generally always prefer a stick; wife would prefer auto for the rare occasions when she drives.
3. Soft top would be better than hard top for my intended use.
4. Soft/half doors would be better for my off-road escapades.
5. The more robust drive line/suspension and other gear on the Rubicon is worth the added cost for my expected uses.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions.


Dextreme 12-20-2011 04:07 PM

If you can afford the cost of the Rubicon, that probably going to be your best bet.

In my personal case, I was looking for a daily driver that was going to see some sand and budget was what I had cash in hand for and the price of a Rubicon was not worth financing (avoiding a monthly payment) for me.

So the choice is going to be up to you and your situation. Which ever you decide, you are likely going to become a Jeep addict like most of us! :thumb:

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