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Shelby427 12-22-2011 11:19 PM

Got me baffled...Jerry? Anybody?
At the shop today and a guy comes in with a 96 Grand Cherokee. I know not a Wrangler but it was a 4.0.
He asked why it was hard to start at times. Sometimes no crank, some times crank and crank but not fire. He pops the hood and two things jump right out. Positive battery terminal doesn't have a bolt in it and the cable is actually moving from the engine vibration. And somewhere along the line the CPS got changed. Instead of unplugging it "someone" had cut and stripped the wires and just had em twisted together.:nonono:

Explain to him he needs to fix those first, then look for possible other problems.
Took some doing as he spoke broken English, and my Spanish isn't much better.

Anyhow he keeps going "Why Spark?" Took a bit but he then points to the front of the engine. "Why spark?" I look down and see what spark.

The front crank pulley SPARK! WTH!!!:eek:

Yep you could see sparks every now and then on the front of the crank pulley, between the center and within say half an inch of the actual part where the belt rides. Not on the sides like something was caught on the belt, this was on the front face of it. And it wasn't at the same spot, it would spark in one spot then you could see another pop up from another spot on the face.

At first I though maybe he had run into sand and the fan was blowing it back and somehow the sand was hitting the pulley and sparking. Nope. I even got my hand down there between the fan and crank and nothing. Except those sparks dancing on the pulley.

Don't have a clue what it was, never saw anything like it before. I would imagine at night that thing would have looked like a Christmas tree with blinking lights.

Anyone else ever run into something like this?:confused:

AzTJ 12-22-2011 11:27 PM

I've heard of this before... it was either the belt or the balancer causing it. But it was on a friends car, not a Jeep. :confused:

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