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kg4kpg 11-08-2007 11:35 AM

Yaesu VX-170
Okay, radio finally showed up. With the problem I has with the FT-2800M I'm just going to work with this little HT until I can decide what I really want in the jeep. I want an Icom IC-208H or 2820H, but with so many projects, they can wait for now. You know how it is.;)

skeeter 11-08-2007 04:42 PM

What problem were you having?
We got the FT-2800Ms also.

kg4kpg 11-08-2007 10:20 PM

I had it mounted in the overhead console, and by theend of summer the tops of the characters on the lcd screen were fading pretty bad. See pics below. All other fuctions are fine so if your radio isn't exposed to high heat you may not have a problem with it. I couldn't get any good info how to fix it so I offered it up for trade for the HT and I'll wait until I can get the radio I want with the remote mounting features like the 208H.

skeeter 11-08-2007 10:38 PM

That's weird.

JeepCrawler98 12-15-2007 11:37 AM

That's odd - I've thrown my radios through hell before (especially in AZ) and that's never happened; you might just want to send it back to yaesu to get the display replaced or warrantied if it's a glitch; the standard LCD screen (not the dot matrix type) has come along enough to where they're pretty indestructable in terms if climatic conditions.

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