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madcap3693 12-30-2011 02:49 PM

Recommend me some additonal bumper lighting
Ok gents. I'm looking to upgrade the auxillary lights on my front bumper my TJ came with. The ones I have now are old and crappy and pretty banged up. I'm looking for some bright lights that will be helpful @ night for some additional light and hopefully good in fog as well. My budget is around $150 and installation should be somewhat easy (W/O drilling). Anthing important to know as far as lighting types goes fog vs other types?

What's the best type / brand out there? Any KC fans? Who really likes there addional lighting?

Thanks in advance

mraybrake 01-04-2012 07:40 PM

I just mounted the new apollo series on my winshied. Looking into fog lights as well. I'm looking at the warn wireless fog lights. might want to check them out. 3.5" for $125, 6.5" for 175 (i can't remember where i saw these prices, but they are there!)

ReconBubba6 01-05-2012 12:22 AM

I love my KC's...I have two sets...One set on the windshield and one on the bumper. They were $130 for each pair. I got the KC Daylighter 130W Driving lights...SUPER bright. The installation was plug and play.

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