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mouse2959 12-31-2011 04:33 PM

Heatr fan swap.... Im lost
Ok so I'm trying to replace the heater fan and motor and every how to I can find are for 97 and newer models nothing for a 1995 yj which is what I'm sitting on. The motor protrudes through the firewall under the battery so I had to remove the battery and tray, that I've done. The hole for the motor is obviously not big enough for the fan to come out that way and there are no noticeable bolts to loosen to take the unit out, therefore I've gathered that they've got to come out from the inside. This is where I'm stuck. Any answers as to how exactly I take the shroud and all out from over the heater core and under the dash on the passenger side in order to get to the bolts that hold the fan and motor to the firewall. I need help and the Hanes manual doesn't seem to give me enough info, or in just not seeing it...

90YJinPC 12-31-2011 08:10 PM

take a look here, they are doing fan upgrade, but instructions look fairly clear.

Jeep Heater Blower Motor Upgrade

jerreyjeep 12-31-2011 10:42 PM

Your heater fan motor assembly bolts to the rear of your heater box. You gotta pull everything that gets in the way first like the glove box ! But there is alot of LITTLE nuts, bolts and cable clips (don't break these!) that have to come out first to completely remove the heaterbox out of the jeep! (and it's big! goes from your gaspedal to the passenger side of the tub!) Hint...I removed the passenger seat too! for more working room.
This also means a few nuts on the 'firewall' of the engine compartment near the rear of the 6 cylinder valve cover and battery box....and heater hoses also ofcoarse This is doable, it's just a job that requires lots ofm patient and care! and a few well placed cuss-words! REMEMBER TO REMOVE THE HEATER DUCT HOSES for your defroster AND the 'motor' wire connecter' CAREFULLY! When you pull ( ie:YANK) the 'box' off the inside firewall it will be awkward and heavy. Remember you are also pulling it straight back to clear the back of the motor out of the firewall! (take your time it'll take ya full day the first time you do this do it right) And just so your prepared...its more of a 'pain' aligning the bolts putting it back! (don't forget a new piece of insulation foam pad 'doughnut' around the new motor assembly after you have it re-installed on the box.....otherwise you will get a water/air leak into your jeep!) Note: if you are doing the 'blazer upgrade' you might have to 'run' a new ground wire from a blower motor mount bolt, to the plug for your motor wires (make sure you 'test' this plug and wireing BEFORE you mount the new motor to the'll be a crying shame to go thru this job and have it not work!) GOOD LUCK, you will be proud of yourself when it's done!

mouse2959 01-08-2012 06:50 AM

Well to the few that replied id like to thank you the motor has been successfully replaced and it took a few hours but I did manage to do it totally by myself without too much of a mess amd thank you jerryjeep the test before putting it back in the box was a success and I would have been boned had I not tested the first used fan. Totally stoked that I did it myself and glad its over I feel proud and a little more knowledgeable about tank (my 95 yj) we both thank you wish I would've taken pics of the progress for future jeepers in need but maybe next time I have an issue

pmm958 09-10-2012 11:42 AM

I am doing the same thing as Mouse2959....the heater fan started to make a howl when turned on. And after three hours of removing things,, I still dont have it out. So now its 90 outside, im in the sun, and cannot move the jeep since the battery is out. I would like to meet the idiot that desgined this....let him change it.

snowbrd84 09-10-2012 12:11 PM

I swapped my blower motor and heater core last thursday. There are 4 nuts inside the engine bay. One below the battery tray, one to the left of the battery, one right below the 4wd vacum switch, and one to the right of the valve cover. Remove those 4 nuts, then disconnect the actuating cables from the heater box. Also disconnect the two heater hoses. At this point, you should be able to wiggle the heater box out. That is all that holds it in though. Take out the glove box so you can get at everything.

Since your doing it, you may as well install a heavy duty blower motor from a K-15 Blazer. They are silent and move tons more air... Also you really should change your heater core while you are in there. its only 30 bucks, but you are never going to want to open that thing up again....

jerreyjeep 09-12-2012 04:33 AM

What really pissed me off is having to take ALL the Plastic Dashpanel Crap off first..There is even a plastyic 'Tab' that prevents the glovebox from comin out located on the Right side of the Gauge Panel 'Plastic' If I remember correctly..I Cut that bastard Off so It will be Less crap to do to pull it next time.......You'll see!! You WILL Have to Hog out the Motor hole in the firewall if you are putting the Blazer motor in, about 1/4 inch all the way around.....another thing I had to do is raise the battery a bit because the new motor had a Vent tube that was in the way (I just used a piece of 1 inch pine board under the battery and trimmed it where the vent tube was...I UNDERSTAND the frustration !! it's those little things that get to ya!! I blame it on JEEP for trying to make the interrior like a CAR !! I actually think I gotta pull mine out again ...I'm thinking one of the New foam 'Flapper-Pads' came off and is now blocking air flow thru the Core....(thats what I get for trying to do too good a job!!)
Yes those little Nuts are Hard to get too on the sides of the glovebox, Behind the Dash but ya gotta get them out to remov e the Glove box so you have enough room to pull the HUGE heater box out I Strongly recomend you get a buddy to help ya!! an extra pair of hands help greatly when you put the box back in !!! It is impossible to be on both sides of the firewall! and if you put a new gasket in like I got to squish it (The Whole Box assembly) against the fire wall hard to get the studs thru to put the nuts back on! The new gasket material will fight you least it did me, but i got NO Water getting past my heaterhose nipples or the Motor so it's worth it............I closed off my Cowl Vent with a solid piece of Lexan instead of the Louverd vent piece so i can have recirculating hot air in the jeep...I had to CUT the Intake Tube under the dashboard BEFORE I put the heaterbox back in (I put a piece of msreen over the hole I cut so no bugs or other unwanted things would clog the core and reduce air flow.....My Heater Cranks the heat with this set-up, I mean having to open the windows a bit when it is 5 degrees out side....Thats the real test !! Good Luck, Winter Is comin !!............Jerryjeep

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