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torcguy87901 01-01-2012 12:25 PM

Info on sirus signal after roofrack???
K here is my prob.. I fabricated a wicked roof rack on my 07 unlimited Rubiconů but its interfering with my signalů iv talked to off road shops an dealer no help.. has anyone had same prob?? Thinkin about tryin to take out the antenna from the roll bar overhead where the dealer says its located.. an move it.. but havnt yet.. maybe buyin a aftermarket antenna might b way to go??

wat3rdog 02-29-2012 09:23 PM

I had xm for a few years in my work truck and I used to mount it on my fender next to the antenna. I zip tied the extra and tucked it behind the glove box and ran it around the door frame. That lasted for about 2 years in the bad weather and dirt roads (went through 2ea. @ 2yrs.). Walmart had a cheap kit for $30-35. make sure the antenna plug is the same for the cheapy vs your installed. My cheapy setup would even get signal inside of a metal building (shop) and in most parking structures. If it were me I would go after market to have better control of my own setup.

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