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30Cal 01-02-2012 04:54 PM

Rebuilt title from out-of-state
My little brother is over in Afghanistan. He and his wife had 3 cars and when I was visiting them over the holidays, I bought the 2004 Unlimited that he had. I'm now beginning to sweat that I might be in over my head.

They bought the car a couple years back in PA and it had a rebuilt title there. It tracks as true as an arrow but has body damage down the right side. They moved to Kentucky and got a KY title (rebuilt) without any sort of issues.

Now, the DMV lady here says I need to get a salvage inspection done. As I looked into the details of that... oh damn. $25 for each missing VIN tag; I'm not even sure where to find all of them. Receipts.... The only paper I've got is a KY Rebuilt Title. I'm wondering if I take it to inspection if I'll have anything to take home.

Anyone with experience here? Or any tips on how to be creative, yet legal (ie. me drive it here with Kentucky plates).



30Cal 02-27-2012 01:56 PM

Well, just to follow up, I sent in my check for $205 and just finished the inspection this morning. Crazy place--seized parts all over the shop. Had to pay $25 to put a new vin sticker on one that had gotten painted over; otherwise, it worked out fine with just the out-of-state title. I did, prior to showing up, run all the VIN tags I could find (which is all I think they do there).

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