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BadMojo 01-02-2012 10:37 PM

HAve had my Jeep for a couple of days now...
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Hey guys, been reading the forums here for awhile while I was hunting for another Jeep, my last was an old Willys I had in high school,long long long long long ago(no I didn't buy the Willys new! I'm not quite that old yet). Anyway, had always wanted another Jeep, have been a gear head all my life and have built some really cool cars over the years, my problem is always that I eventually get to the point where I've got it where I like it and lose interest and sell them to start another project. I figured maybe a Jeep would keep me busy for awhile!

So Last Tues morning I got a call from a close friend who works at the Tyler Dodge/Jeep dealership saying she had just gotten a 1998 Sport 4.0 in on trade and I should come to check it out! I high tailed it over and they pulled it out of the shop where they were doing the make ready on it so I could test drive it. Ran and drove GREAT! Clean body and interior, a little sun fading in the interior dash and door panels, obviously it has seen some use in the Texas sun with the top off. Ended up making a deal on the spot and took it home! Had a minor snafu after leaving the dealership, took alittle ride and put about 150 miles on it...noticed that it seemed to be drinking a LOT of fuel and smelled a little on the rich side. Eventually made a stop and it wouldn't crank after, turned out the pos. battery cable was loose and after fixing that it cranked right up, however I then had close to a 2000rpm idle and a check engine light. Got it home and pulled the codes, TPS and IAC were showing errors, I reset and did some voltage checks and verified the TPS was toast, I pulled the IAC and it was stuck. I cpontacted the dealer and they said bring it in in the morning, 4 hours of diagnostics later and they found the IAC and TPS bad and replaced both at no charge! I figure who the person who traded it in knew there was a problem and had the codes cleared prior to coming to the dealer to trade it in on his new Jeep. I just managed to put enough miles on it that first day to set the codes again. Now that the sensors have been replaced Jeep again runs perfectly and has lost the rich smell, seems to be getting considerably better mileage now!

Like I said, the thing is pretty clean overall, underneath looks virgin, no scrapes or dents on the skid plate, no signs of mud, no rust,factory paint still all 100% intact on frame and skid plate, so hopefully it hasn't been beaten to bad in the past. I have a couple of questions though, first, did the TJs come from the factory with a tube header? I would have expected a cast exhaust manifold, just wondering if the previous owner added the header or if that was stock. Also I've noticed that when I turn the wheels to the locks the front tires slightly rub the trailing arms, I figure that has to be due to the backspacing on the rims, tires are 31 10.5 15's. I don't think there has been a lift added, it doesn't look lifted although I'm not sure how thick the stock body spacers are on these things. Oh and it doesn't have a full soft top, has a sealed half top, I'm kinda liking that look, as long as it doesn't leak too much when it rains.

The pic is from the dealer when they were getting it all cleaned up.

whiteyj 01-02-2012 10:47 PM

Welcome and nice score. By sealed half top do you mean a duster or what (basically front setas covered and then more like a toneau cover over the rear? Pics of your baby.

gixxerphil 01-02-2012 10:50 PM

The PO probably had the header replaced, TJ have a tendency to crack.
The wheel rub can be fixed with a few washer on your bumpsteer, some are able to run 31x10.5 w/o rubbing and some rub(mine don't rub on factory canyons)

BadMojo 01-02-2012 10:53 PM

Yeah, the top is a bestop half top, just covers the front seats with seals between the cab and the rear seat/cargo area and a toneau on the rear. Looks like it should stay pretty dry the way the rear window seals to the toneau. I'll get some pics of it in the morning.

JCROSS 01-02-2012 10:54 PM

Looks awesome, my brother has those seats (same color/material) they clean so easy.

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