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mtb011 01-03-2012 10:25 AM

Clutch question......
So I'm about 3 weeks into having my beautiful 1999 4.0 6 Wrangler sport....and 2 days ago was confident enough to take it offroading for the first time....dropped it into 4 high while doing a slow cruise and neutral, and off i went! Finish everything up, get back on the road, turn off the 4wd, start accelerating down the highway, and i get this horrible kinda whirring mechanical sound coming from the jeep, thought it was the 4wd stuck so i did the steps to turn it on and bueno, The noise did go away, and now it only happens when i get past 2,000 rpms in any toubleshoot, i put it into neutral and gently gunned it up, past the 2,000 mark; and the sound did not re-occur....So is this a clutch going bad? I will say this is my first manual, and there was a learning curve...missshifts, stalls, and one time i didnt have the clutch fully depressed before i shifted....nasty sound haha......I have gotten the shifting down now though :cool:......anyways, so whats a bad clutch sound like? Could this signify any other problems?

freeskier 01-03-2012 11:55 AM

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Sounds like it could be the transmission input shaft bearing if the sound goes away when you push in the clutch pedal (clutch disengaging).

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