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kjballentine 01-03-2012 02:00 PM

94 yj--cant get into gear when running!!
Just bought my first YJ a few weeks ago. Its a 94 with 33" swampers and a 4" Suspension lift. i went into it knowing I had to put in a new ax-5 tranny and clutch in it. So now I have the new tranny and clutch in and everythings put back together, but it won't go into gear when its running! i took the slave cylinder off and pushed on the fork to see if the throwout bearing wasn't releasing, but i can hear it clicking and going out. But when I had the engine running I pushed on the fork with a prybar and the fork just vibrates really bad and shakes back and forth. So it will release when its not running, but won't go into gear or release when it is running. Any advice out there??? My headaches are getting worse daily. thanks guys!!

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