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SirGeorgeKillian 01-03-2012 07:52 PM

Ever had any trouble at the wash rack?
I normally wash the mud off my Jeep at work, but I had other stuff going on so I took it to the local coin fed do it yourself wash rack. Took about 8 bucks, but I got a lot of the nooks underneith. I usually am good about not leaving a mess, blasting the mud to the grate in the center as I go. I ran out of time and still had a little bit of a mess so I asked one of the maintenance guys working on the automatic wash if he would mind cutting the sprayer back on after I moved my Jeep to finish cleaning up my mess. He was kinda speachless, and told me if he would have seen my "mud truck" pull up he would have ran me off, but was impressed that I was doing this. He went over to my stall, turned a key and told me to take my time if there was any spots on the Jeep I missed. Apparently most people leave one hell of a mess. Guess it can be the little things like that that make us all look bad....

crafty 01-03-2012 08:18 PM

You learn which ones are ok with you using them and which ones are not. I usually just used the pay places to to spray the rim/brake areas, universals, steering and driveshaft areas. The mud clogs up the drain system sometimes is their problem.

shewoolf 01-03-2012 08:21 PM

Most places around here have signs that say no Off road vehicles or something to that affect.

gixxerphil 01-03-2012 08:26 PM

We have one that has a sign, I believe it says Mud Pit or something like that. I will get a pic in the a.m. on my way home from work

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