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mclanejm1 01-05-2012 08:32 AM

Tranny Slippage
My Wrangler just the other day start to slip its a manual trans I drove it 350 mile like back home when driving it does not feel like any trans problem the trans speeds up fine and normal no slippage. it only happen at a take off with 123 gears but when it slips its not continuous but it shakes the whole jeep and seem like it moving around the undercarriage I look at the tranny mount it fine and the suspension looks fine. Work Ive done to the jeep are 4:88 ukon gears front and rear 5.5 Rusty lift and a SYE I did that about a year ago and where I was driving was in NJ where the pot holes are every where it was hard to drive the jeep up there. I wanted to know if this has ever happened to anyone and what are some possible solutions that I can check.

DaisyCutter 01-05-2012 09:08 AM

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My method for determining a failing clutch is as follows:

Get up to speed (45-60mph) in high gear (5th or 6th). Push in clutch, floor gas pedal, then immediately let off clutch.

*If your clutch is healthy, then it'll pull your engine down to cruising RPM instantly (relatively), even while you mash the gas pedal. The transmission, driveline, tires and pavement have the most significant mechanical advantage over the engine when coasting at 55mph in high gear. That's where you'll feel slippage first. Plus you've got good inertia at 55mph, so you won't lock your wheels or go into a skid trying this.

*If your clutch is weak, it will take it a second or two to rein in your racing engine RPMs. Plan on replacing w/ your next couple paychecks.

*If your clutch is really weak, you'll have to let off the gas pedal to help the clutch. Replace now.

Do another visual inspection under your jeep before you attempt the above. I've worn out a couple clutches, and slippage is what I typically notice first. Shaking may be another issue, so check thoroughly first.

mclanejm1 01-05-2012 09:29 AM

i replaced the clutch about 7 months ago with an standard over the counter OEM clutch no problems about 2 months ago I lost my slave cylinder pulled the tranny the throw out bearing clip broke away from the swing arm I replaced and replaced the slave then again no problem after driving around north Jersey using the clutch very often I notice shift gears and feeling gear meshing between shifts.

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