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LyleZ 01-05-2012 05:39 PM

Heater Core Replacement in 95 Jeep Wrangler
I'm new to the forum with my 95 Jeep Wrangler but have owned it for 12 years. I am in the process of replacing the heater core now and what seems like a job I could do is just turning a little frustrating.

I have the 2.5L engine and am wondering how many nuts are there on the engine side that hold the heater housing in place do I have to find? I can get one from the top of the engine compartment looking down. Do I have to crawl underneath to get to the others? And how many am I looking for?

Have to replace a couple of clips that hold the cables to the heater, but couldn't see a way around that.

Thanks for any information you can pass on.

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