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Andrewb648 01-06-2012 10:05 PM

Lock right locker installed wrong??!! Please help!
I recently had a guy who " knows everything about jeeps" the guy doesn't know as much as he thought, anyways I have a used locker in my yj Dana 35 with stock ratios he installe the locker which I bought off craigslist the parts were two spacers two couplers two gears to go over the axles four pins eight springs and the shaft that goes in the middle we used the thrust washer that came with the locker and the locker shaft put everything back together and had to hold o e tire to hear it ratchet but ever since we held the tire to hear it ratchet I haven't heard it at all since! I listen for it but no ratchet! I'm not sure that the locker is disengaging when I go into a corner hard I have to steer more and if I let go of the gas it jumps into the corner but no ratchet today I heard two loud pops I haven't heard anything from this locker that is installed on my daily driver since it was put in! I was looking at some pics of peoples kits and I didn't get and washers to go over the axle gears I'm a machinist so I can make some if I knew what size I needed but if the spacers just slip over the washers the. That shouldn't affect the lockerfrom operating properly right? Was mine supposed to have washers? Is it installed wrong I don't know what to do but tear it back out and look at it I can measure clearances and all that I have the tools but I don't know what to measure or ebb what would tell me measurement wise what would make the Locke not function properly. I don't no what to do kinda stressed about it it's my first jeep and I love it! Oh and I broke a shackle mount the other day in the front but bought some 1/4 inch thick square tube to fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks guys!!

kmanator 01-06-2012 10:15 PM

If you jack up one rear tire and rotate it you should hear or feel the locker teeth skipping.Mine has made the chunking popping noises from time to time.I have been running it for about 5 years now.They are harsh...It will drag a tire on a very tight turn and it has totally different road manners than an open diff....especially from acceleration to deceleration at highway speeds it tends to dart to the side a little...kman

DaisyCutter 01-06-2012 10:21 PM

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I only ever installed a lock rite in a 1979 Bronco with a 9" rear. I followed the instructions and it went well. I installed it pre-internet era, LOL. I recall using a dial indicator and maybe dial calipers.

Pops and clanks are common.

I've had a few others that were installed prior to my purchase.

If unsure, I'd re-check te install. Be thankful, there is nothing in your axles that's as heavy as a 9" 3rd member.

Nickabis 01-06-2012 10:28 PM

You won't here ratcheting because torque is applied to the rear end while driving causing both axle shafts to spin at the same time (locked). It'll pop when taking turns because one tire needs to spin faster than the other so it unloads. My front end Spartan ratchets sometimes because I have tj shafts and there is no torque applied in 2wd so it's unlocked and in turns will ratchet.

Andrewb648 01-06-2012 11:21 PM

Thanks for the feedback fellas! My main issue is that the locker doesn't ratchet at all in a corner I can't hear anything back there I know the locker is working two beautiful fish tails and I can climb some fourty five degree hills amazingly in 2wd! I've been driving on it for about two weeks and haven't heard a single thing from it I can feel it grip. Does anyone no if my locker was supposed to come with washers that go in between the spacer and gear that fits on the axle splines? When I had the locker out and pushed the shaft against the spacer to see how far the teeth spread apart they didn't seem to spread at all. Thanks again guys for your quick feedback! I'm makin my new shackle mounts at my works tomorrow (machine shop) so if I gotta tear into the diff to I will. If anyone in the Seattle area needs any milling, lathe work or gundrilling done let me know I can help you out! Gotta keep it in the jeep family right! Haha well we'll get our women somewhere else though! Haha

whY402Jay 01-07-2012 12:53 AM

What did you mean by that last statement? I'm confused.... Anyway, a buddy of mine suggested Powertrax Lock Right, but I am swapping a Ford 8.8. And I read that certain carriers are too weak for such a locker.

Nickabis 01-07-2012 01:00 AM

I live in Portland, Ore and go on snow runs up out of Toutle, WA. southeast of Chehalis. I make it up to Seattle sometimes if I find parts our go to my parent's place in Brinnon. As for the locker, my Spartan didn't require thrust washers but I think the lockrites need the thrust washers in between the carrier and the outer splined part of the locker. I don't know the thickness though. I'd pull the specs of the distance between the two inner halves of the locker and use a feeler gauge to check yours to find if it is in spec.

crtaylor 01-07-2012 06:17 AM

I just went through this .the powertrax locker dosent use the thrust washers.There is a go-no go gauge for the install,you can down load the info .and its very easy to teardown and reinstall.becarefull not to damage the 4 springs in the center pin area .this is why I had to even dig into the rear end to begin with.

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