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outdoor 01-07-2012 02:45 PM

Another Tow question...sorry
Well I think Iím taking the leap into a Rubicon 4 dr. I have been an Escalade EXT fan since 2003...selling the second one I have owned...its only got 25K on it, gargaged its whole life and mint.
So for me this is such a change...I have NO intentions of rock climbing and probably will treat this as I did the it.
Here is the question: My boat (Lund 1810 Predator) and trailer weighs about 2400 lbs...Real weight with fuel/batteries..Trailer says 2995 max gross weight. The Rubicon with the trailer package says I can get to 3500 lbs. So Iím use to 400+ horse pulling this like nothing is behind me, will the Rubicon 2012 with the new improved engine pull this "fairly well" or are we going to struggle at every hill?
Second question...will this be the tail wagging the dog due to the short wheel base of the Rubicon
Thanks for all your input...hope someone that tows can help me out!

schnutzy 01-07-2012 02:52 PM

ok, so i cant comment on the pentastar engine adn how well it will tow, but i can give in a little insite on the wheel base thing.

my old 4runner is about the same WB as the JKU is, i think the JK might be a touch longer. and with that 4runner on several occasions, i towed a 19 foot Momba ski boat. tracked straight and handled very well. so you should be fine in that category.
not to mention, my 4runner had about 100 HP less then the new pentastar, and i though it did ok with the weight, so i dont see why the JKU would have an issue, sure, not as good as a big V8, but not bad either.

kjeeper10 01-07-2012 08:23 PM

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Not the best tow vehicle IMO.
Especially if your used to a truck that is.

ballistx 01-07-2012 08:42 PM

Does the trailer have electric brakes? If not, you might consider upgrading to a trailer that does, or install electric brakes on the existing trailer.

When towing remember that you are now entering the family of truckers. So, drive it like a trucker. Keep the rpm's up and don't lug the engine. If you think the tow vehicle isn't handling it properly then get the rpm's up.

There is a LOT less wear on an engine run at higher rpms under a given heavier load than there is at lower rpms. Think of it as when you sand. If you lightly brush the sandpaper over the surface rapidly you won't remove much material. However, is you lean on it really hard and move it back and forth you will remove significant material. Same concept on the rod bearings and main bearings. better to spin the crank at higher rpm and keep the thrust on the brearings at a lower level on each rotation.

A boat trailer typically does not lend itself to an equalizer hitch with cam sway control. If you could get one of those installed, I don't think you would ever tow a similar load without one, if at all possible. However, you should be able to install some form of sway control.

Your main trouble will come in when you have to reduce speed immediately and have to change direction to any extent. That is when the load pushes straight ahead and tries to swap ends with the tow vehicle. You can compensate by under steering into the turn but that is difficult in an emergency operation.

So, if the boat has electric brakes and the toungue weight doesn't drop the rear of the Jeep too much, then just a good sway control would be all you should need. If it drops the back too much, then some form of equalizier would help.


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