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Mtgrizzlymn 01-08-2012 03:29 PM

Got my wrangler yesterday!!!!!
Found a very nice 2001 sport hardtop and bikini top . 6cyl 5speed 107k ran great put 180 miles on it after pick up. Im disabled so we had a slow trip many stops but i love it. Nice no lift stock new tires zero rust anywhere on jeep. Thanks for the help on what to look for i bet i litterally looked at over 2000jeeps online.

shewoolf 01-08-2012 03:30 PM


Jondalar 01-08-2012 05:19 PM

Congratulations. You will love it. There is really nothing like a Wrangler.

shewoolf 01-08-2012 05:48 PM

By the way we needs pictures lots and lots of pictures ;-)

DasfieldmarshelsYJ 01-08-2012 05:50 PM


Mtgrizzlymn 01-08-2012 06:26 PM

Thanks everyone ill get some picts asap

Templar 01-08-2012 06:46 PM

Congrats! :)

Tdog02 01-08-2012 07:24 PM

You won't regret it.

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