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jagerbomb2112 01-10-2012 11:32 AM

First Jeep, but which one?
I am wanting to purchase a jeep. I live in Florida and it only makes sense. I have been looking at Saharas 1989 and 1991. I also have been wondering about 4cyl Jeeps which are newer 1990-1998 about the same price range -up to $4000. Which one should I buy? I don't offroad and have no plans to, although I will probably want to take it through trails when camping around over the summer. It will be my daily driver. Can you offer me the pros/cons of these choices? I have no plans to lift it either. I may get a pair of seadoos this coming summer, but can always use my girlfrind's truck to pull with if the 4cyl isn't enough. I will probably have more questions but that is it for now. Trying to narrow down a choice in the next 4-5 weeks. Thank you!

flatline 01-10-2012 12:15 PM

go with a 91 and newer 4.0. better fuel injection and the 6 cylinders just have more power.

kheihn 01-10-2012 01:19 PM

Look for a 95. The year of the galvanized tub and frame for the best rust protection. A 4cyl can pull 2 jet skis just fine, but don't expect to be breaking any speed records with it.

kungfubhuda 01-10-2012 01:30 PM

If its a daily driver, (someone correct me if I'm wrong) I believe the TJ's (97 and newer) are supposed to be much smoother on the highway. There's probably a few other features that are nicer too.

There are several threads which debate between 4 cylinder and 6. Most agree that the sixes are better, but if your area is like mine, they cost way more.

Something else to consider is a soft top vs. hardtop. In Florida you can probably get away with no top for most of the year. Either way test drive on the highway, and really pay attention to the road noise. I have both tops, and found a huge noise difference between them.

No matter what you choose, Good luck

Jeffro Martin Jackson 01-10-2012 01:42 PM

If its ur daily get a 4 cyl to save gas. If you want something fast than get a racecar.

About which model to get....depends on ur taste. If you want comfort get a tj since the dash is modernized with a closer radio and more of a car feel. Coil suspension.

Yj's are cheaper in most cases simply because of depretiation over time. Leaf spring suspension is a little more stiff. Just more of a simple vehicle. Simple can be a good thing.

IOP i would get a yj.

Good luck bud

jagerbomb2112 01-10-2012 06:48 PM

Thanks for the advice. I can't afford a 97', I only want to spend about $3000-$4000 for initial buy. I am leaning towards 6cyl because who knows what I'll want to do with it once purchased. Are automatics better or manual transmissions? I plan on paying a mechanic to come with me to at least 2 "for sale by owner" jeeps. Not really caring that much on comfort as I work less than 5 miles away but do plan on taking it to Michigan 1400 miles. Any suggestions as to what I may want to think about replacing/upgrading on 89-95 Yj? Thank you all for your help and suggestions.

SirCanni 01-10-2012 06:58 PM

I love my yj, it's my daily driver. But there is no way in hell I would try and drive it from Florida to Michigan. Maybe if it had cruise control I guess I might.

hambubba 01-10-2012 07:06 PM

'91 and newer, get a 6. The newer 4 bangers might save a little on gas, but some of the older ones might be worse than a 6, and the highway is brutal on a 4. You could find a real low-end TJ in that price range, but you're probably looking for a YJ. Definitely worse on long trips! Older ones, you're going to find all manual I imagine. TJs have started to tend toward more autos as the years rolled by. Scour the ads and car lots. Getting in a hurry will cost you too much money, lol. Take your time.

ryananderson 01-10-2012 07:13 PM

Go 6 cyl. You'll get better gas mileage w/ 4 cyl. Not sure how much better. I'm a firm believer that the future is unknown. If you get the 4 and need more power then you have to upgrade. Buy the 6, and it's there if you need it. You may later decide to lift it and go off roading. Jeep's are an addiction. I think you'll be glad that you did

jagerbomb2112 01-10-2012 09:01 PM

Thank you all for your input and. I will look at 6cyls and try to focus on the 4.0 liter. What is the best investment a new Jeep owner can make for a Yj ( stock)other than upgrading my tools in the garage? HAhaha

90YJinPC 01-10-2012 11:10 PM

1400 miles is a long rough ride in a YJ. good luck with your purchase and welcome to the forum.

denisbaldwin 01-11-2012 05:21 AM

As a fellow Florida Jeeper (with no top or doors at all), I tell you that you'll be happy with it most of the time. There's a few times this time of the year when it's a bit cold to ride around like that but the other 11 months of the year it will make you happy you have a Jeep.

bmac6324 01-11-2012 08:49 AM

I own a 4cyl YJ and have been for 5 years, only had 31"/10.5 tires on it since I got it and a flow master exhaust and I love it! My first car and will never get rid of it! I would like more power but it's not a huge thing cause sometimes I am able to get through a spot on the trail that most 6cyl's can't haha!

It's all up to you, a YJ is a stiff ride but doing 1200 miles in it gives you a feel on what you can and can't do and you also enjoy the trip while you go. Don't base your opinion on what you want until you drive one that you might like, all we can do is throw out small suggestions but it's ultimately up to you.

Have fun and see you on the road.

Nubby55 01-11-2012 09:34 AM

My old friend drives a 2000 TJ 4cyl. 5sp., he drives it every day, about 27 miles to work, 27 back home, it's not jacked up he runs small Mil. 700x15 tires, gets 24mpg all the time, HE DRIVES SLOW! also has a set of car tires and rims for road trips 225/70/15 that go on for trips to Fl from La. still gets 24mpg but runs 60 or so on I-10, if you wan't to go fast, run big tires, pull heavy loads 2,000lbs, make long trips, get TJ with a six. short run around town, play and have a lot of fun,an old YJ will be fine.

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