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61scout80 11-16-2007 01:21 PM

removing the chrome from headlight trim rings?
anyone have any tips on how to get the chrome off the headlight trim rings of a TJ? i'm assuming the rings are made from plastic, and i have read that EZ off oven cleaner, comet and a tooth brush or muriatic acid are some methods used to remove chrome from plastic. anyone ever use one of those successfully?

In the end i want to paint my bubbling chrome rings black. i think a wire brush would score the plastic under the chrome.

George T. 11-16-2007 01:25 PM

i dont know about the process you speak of, but i know this is what you want in the end.

02Prove 11-16-2007 01:26 PM

I just roughed mine up and painted them. Cheaper than the 30 dollar bezels from QT.

Walkeraviator 11-16-2007 01:33 PM

Yeah. scuffed mine with sand paper... self etching primer and three coats of flat black spray paint. Look great.

Unlimited 11-16-2007 01:39 PM

Mine were metal. I scuffed them up with steel wool and then sprayed them with self etching primer and then two coats of Krylon black hammered finish spraypaint. The nice part about the hammered finish is that when they get chipped, I just spray a little paint on a q-tip and touch it up. You can't tell there was ever a blemish in the paint.

61scout80 11-16-2007 01:52 PM


Originally Posted by George T. (Post 159292)
i dont know about the process you speak of, but i know this is what you want in the end.

thats what i'm going to end up with, only i'll have somethign to do tomorrow, save a little $ and not have to wait a week for shipping. :D

thanks for the info all, maybe i'll just scuff them up.

MCG 11-16-2007 02:14 PM

I did it too with a sand paper I used a pretty fine grid just to turn it flat,then painted and thats it,The black still looking good after 3 months.

4bangertj 11-18-2007 09:51 PM

all i did was scuffed mine down with a gray scotch brite pad, cleaned it really well with wax and grease remover, and hit it with some adhesion promoter just in case i missed anything when i was scuffin, then sprayed it with flat black paint, turned out pretty nice, got a couple chips in them now cause i got stuck behind a gravel truck but other than that they're holdin up...heres a pic

foxinthemudd 11-19-2007 12:15 AM

did the same as everyone else, scuffed them with steel wool and 2 coats of black Krylon fusion spray. check out the thread I think its called "headlight Bezels"

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