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R.P.M. 03-14-2006 04:35 PM

Aux Lighting
We are almost finished with Phase One.
Ready to install street legal clear "rectangle" bumper mounted
lights and we want to do it right (this time). #a. drilled hole
in top flange of bumper, bolt er down. Now, I would think its
best to come off an unused fuse position in the interior fuse
block, then toggle switch mounted into dash, relay, through
firewall and then out the front. Is there a preexisting "hole"
in the firewall that I can borrow or drill a new one and rubber grommet, also is there an existing exit hole to use comming out the front or should we drill a new one. Seal the holes with silicone or non. Figured there must be a right way to do it.

All opinions are welcome......

We will be using some sort of windshield hinge mount round (for clearence)off road flame throwers, 100W+. For off road use only , dont want to burn the paint off anyones bumper.

Next up 30" Mickey Thompsons (only 2" shackel lift = 1")
Then fill up the Holes-(body work)

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