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White93ARB 11-22-2007 02:28 AM

Pinion seals?
I've got gear oil all over both diffs. Anyone replaced the pinion seals on a Dana 30 and a Dana 35? While I'm at it Ii'' replace both diff cover gaskets, I think thats what leaking more in the rear. I can't find seals for a 35, does it not have one or something? Thanks guys

pick 11-22-2007 03:07 AM

Not sure if that link will help you out or not. If you start digging into it, let me know how it goes, might be helping someone do this over the winter. as for the Diff. Seal, have you ever thought of using the Black Gasket Seal?

White93ARB 11-22-2007 12:55 PM

Thanks pick, I already had that link in my bookmarks, but I was wondering if there were any little things that I should know before I dive into it. As for the diff seal, you mean using slilcone in a tube instead of a gasket? Maybe I'll try to do this next weekend. Anyone know where I can get a Dana 35 seal?

pick 11-23-2007 09:14 AM

Yeah something like Ultra Black RVT Gasket Maker. I've used it on a few different things with good luck.

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